A Glasgow MP has travelled to Ukraine to show support on the 2nd anniversary of the Russian invasion of the country.

Stewart McDonald, Glasgow South SNP MP, arrived in the capital, Kyiv, on Friday morning.

He said he met with Ukrainian MPs, people in the defence sector and members of the military who are in recovery.

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In a video message on social media from Ukraine, the MP said he was worried about the current situation and urged people in Scotland to continue to support the Ukrainian people as they seek to defeat the Russian military.

Glasgow Times:

McDonald said he visited some of the drone manufacturers and people working in electronic warfare designed to counter Russian drone technology being used.

He said: “I want to send a quick update about the mood.

“I’ve never known the mood to be this anxious, whether it's members of the military I’ve spoken to, those working on defence manufacturing or MPs who I’ve become good friends with over the years.

“They are really worried that Ukraine is starting to be forgotten about.

“They are really, really worried about the supply of weapons, which is so crucial to them and we cannot lose sight of that.”

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He said the Ukraine people were aware of the solidarity from Scotland.

McDonald said: “So, as well as being here to show some solidarity, some support, assure them that there are many people back home who care deeply about Ukraine and support it’s victory, it’s really important we get the unvarnished feeling of how Ukrainians themselves feel.

“I’ve never known the mood to be this anxious, that worries me.

 I’ve got many things going around my head that I think we need to do more of.

“I just wanted to pass on people really do appreciate all of the support that they get, whether you’ve given money or taken in a refugee or attended a solidarity event.

Whatever it might be, however you’ve supported Ukraine, keep doing it. It really matters and Ukrainians really appreciate it so as we mark two years there's still a lot more to do to support Ukraine.”