Hundreds of taxis still do not meet the LEZ standards in Glasgow and won't be able to operate in the city centre after May this year.

Latest data shows there are more than 300 that have not met the criteria for a time-limited extension after May 31.

The council says there are “a number of vehicles in the taxi fleet that are non-compliant” and said they were contacted in January “to make clear the Council’s position with regards to these vehicles” and what support they can still get.

There were 472 taxis that did not meet the LEZ standard in January this year.

A council report being discussed this week confirms 114 vehicles would qualify to have an existing exemption extended beyond May 31, 2024.

There are 39 where funding applications have been processed by Energy Saving Trust and are on the official waiting list.

A further 75 expressions of interest in funding have also been actively registered.

It leaves 358 taxis that will not be eligible for any further extension and unable to operate in the city centre after May 31.

 A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “Whilst the vast majority of taxis operating in the city centre already meet LEZ standards, it is essential that all vehicles entering the zone are of a standard that does not contribute to the air pollution problems that have blighted the city centre for decades.

“Glasgow’s LEZ has been well publicised and had an extensive lead-in time. And at every stage since the intention to introduce a scheme was agreed, we have supported the taxi sector move toward compliance.”

The council said it has “consistently encouraged” taxi operators to take advantage of government funding to become compliant with the LEZ either towards retrofitting or new vehicles.

It said £1.9m has been paid out since 2019 for taxis in the Glasgow region.

The spokesperson added: “Eligible operators were also granted an exemption from the scheme’s first year of operation, and we will show further flexibilities beyond this point, but only for operators who can show they are actively taking steps to meet the cleaner LEZ standards. “

The report states LEZ compliant vehicles, both new and second-hand, remain available for purchase. It adds: “However, LEZ officers continue to work with Licensing colleagues to explore vehicle alternatives for use within the Glasgow fleet to potentially expand the range of suitable vehicles.”