Dear Janice,

I’m 15 and my parents don’t want me walking home from my friends at night, and as they don’t have a car, they’re delighted that her dad runs me home.

When we are alone, he says inappropriate things which makes me feel uncomfortable and creeps me out.

If I start refusing lifts, I don’t know what reason I can give my mum, so for now I have been avoiding going to my friend’s house which is making her and my mum wonder why. What should I do?


Dear MK,

Inappropriate behaviour can go either way; therefore, most adults would not compromise themselves by being alone

with a 15-year-old and would insist their daughter came

along in the car too, but he is the adult and should be aware of this.

However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe.

You have a gut feeling, but no proof, so you have done the right thing in taking yourself out of a situation which makes you feel the way you do.

This man may be perfectly innocent, but the priority here is your wellbeing.

Invite your friend to your house from now on and if your mum gets suspicious, just be honest and explain how you feel. She won’t be angry, just relieved you have been mature and open with her.


Dear Janice,

How do I tell my friends that they have become boring since getting together with their boyfriends?

They don’t want to go out anymore, and even when they do, they spend the night texting their partners.

We used to have such great fun but it’s such a bore these days.

I’ve just about given up trying to keep our friendship together and I’m sad that we are losing touch, but I feel they have gone down a different path and left me behind.

Should I move on and forget them?


Dear Gemma,

Relationships come and go, but good friends are for life.

Every relationship must evolve, but that doesn’t mean you need to break all ties, just break from old ways of living.

It’s clear that for now, the dynamics of your friendship mean that you are no longer on the same page.

Your friends quite rightly want to spend time with their partners, but you shouldn’t take it personally as this has nothing to do with how they feel

about you. In fact, they may be upset that you consider them boring.

You’re feeling rather sorry for yourself because they have partners and you don’t, but this will change in time. So, let them enjoy how they spend their time, while you find single friends who want to enjoy all the things you do.

Remember, your friends’ situation could change at any given time, and they may be back on the scene, but for now, keep in touch and watch as new doors open for you and perhaps a new relationship might be on the cards too.