THOUSANDS of social media users have reported Facebook and Instagram are currently unavailable.

Facebook users have reported on X, formerly known as Twitter, they have been logged out of the website and the associated Messenger app. 

One person wrote: "Did everyone else just get kicked out of their Facebook accounts and prevented from logging back in?"

Another said: "Is Facebook booting anyone else? I log in and immediately logged out."

Users are not able to sign back in and are being told their password is incorrect, leading to several people believing they had been hacked. 

A user under the name @HollowRiver tweeted: "Not me changing my passwords on FB [Facebook] three times in five minutes thinking I got hacked only to find out that Facebook/IG [Instagram] are down for everyone. Adrenaline is pumping."

Instagram and Threads are also reportedly unavailable to users with users seeing a message reading "something went wrong" when loading the apps or websites. 

One person joked: "Me running to Twitter to see if anyone else’s Instagram isn’t working."

Website Downdetector has shown a spike in the number of people reporting issues with Facebook, Messenger and Instagram since around 3pm.