Care workers across Renfrewshire are set to strike for two days next month.

We previously reported GMB Scotland members had voted overwhelmingly in support of industrial action and the union has now served notice on the council.

The notice announced that an overtime ban and work to rule will begin on 25 March before strikes on April 9 and 10. 

It comes after care workers claim that bosses have been “underpaying” them for years.

We previously told how furious home care workers were 'insulted' by an offer that would have seen a 67p rise - despite increased responsibilities.

The staff, including home carers and senior support workers, say a long-awaited job review by Renfrewshire Council, which moved them up a single grade, fails to reflect the value of their work and increasing responsibilities.

Kirsten Muat, GMB organiser, said: “Every politician in Renfrewshire clapped for carers during the pandemic but applause is cheap and our members want and deserve fair pay.

“Their work is physically, technically, and emotionally difficult and gives crucial support to people with a range of medical conditions.

“Their role is vital in our communities and their pay needs to reflect that.

“Renfrewshire Council must urgently move carers to the right pay grade and give them compensation for the years they have been underpaid.”

The union said the first review of care workers’ roles in 16 years has failed to properly recognise the roles, responsibilities, skills and experience of staff.

Fiona O’Brien, GMB rep in Home Care, added: “I’ve been working in care for the council for nearly eight years.

“It used to be a good job and I was proud to do it but we are being expected to do more and more while our pay isn’t keeping up with the cost of living.’

“Our goodwill and commitment to the people we care for has been taken advantage of and morale is the lowest I’ve ever seen.’

“We only want their work to be fairly evaluated and properly rewarded and have been asked to wait far too long for that to happen.”