An MSP has raised concerns about the conditions of Renfrewshire roads in the Scottish Parliament.

Russell Findlay outlined the worries of residents across Renfrewshire after an annual report conducted by the MSP revealed one in four raised issues with potholes on roads.

The West Scotland politician spoke in Holyrood last week and said that Paisley residents have compared the roads to the "surface on the moon".

Glasgow Times: Russell Findlay on George Street, PaisleyRussell Findlay on George Street, Paisley (Image: Supplied)

In parliament, he said: "Roads in my West Scotland region are in a dangerous state of disrepair, just as they are across Scotland.

"One in four constituents who replied to my annual report say that potholes and poor road conditions are their main concern, with one Paisley resident telling me that cratered local roads are 'like the surface of the moon'.

"The SNP has slashed council budgets year after year. Surely the cabinet secretary can admit that her Government must fill the councils’ funding gap so that they can fill the potholes."

The councillor has followed up on his comments in Parliament by stating that despite Scotland getting record funding from the UK Government, councils are still cash-strapped.

We previously reported that a row erupted over potholes in Renfrewshire at a council meeting with councillor Eddie Devine branding the state of the network "appalling" in January. 

Now, Mr Findlay, a Scottish Conservative MSP, said: "Renfrewshire's roads resemble a lunar landscape due to increasing numbers of deep and dangerous potholes and residents might consider swapping their cars for a moon buggy.

"Local authorities across the country are finding it difficult to maintain roads to a safe standard.

"While SNP ministers will receive a record £43 billion from the UK government this year, they've starved councils of cash. Scottish government funding for local authorities has decreased from 33 to 31.7 per cent in the past decade.

"The transport secretary needs to stop making excuses and start filling the potholes."

Iain Nicolson, Renfrewshire council leader said: "Id like to thank Mr Findlay for his interest in our local road network.

"He may have missed our record investment on our roads over the past 7 years and our recent budget decision to add another £5 million to our roads budget and our £50 million over the term of this SNP council administration.

"We are having to deal with the ongoing Tory austerity budgets imposed by his party in Westminster for the last 14 years.

"Despite that, we know that our local roads are important to our local communities.

"Our roads have shown continuous improvements in recent years, with them being assessed as well above the Scottish average, and we have completed 96% of pothole repairs within the appropriate timeline.

"We understand that over winter there is an increased level of road defects due to frost and weather conditions and when reported we temporarily repair them until the weather improves which allows us to make effective permanent repairs.

"I would also urge Mr Findlay to ask his Tory colleagues on the council why they consistently vote against our investment in our roads and why they never put up their own budget for increased money for local roads”