THE Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience is set to be turned into a stage musical. 

Top Broadway songwriters and producers have revealed they are working on a parody of the disastrous event which went viral online last month. 

The BBC reports Richard Kraft, who is known for producing and directing a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory concert at the Hollywood Bowl, has assembled a team for the new project titled Willy Fest: A Musical Parody. 

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He told the BBC he hopes to launch the musical later this year. 

He said: "Since the thing we are satirising only happened a few weeks ago, we are jumping in hard and fast coming up with our story arch, main characters, antagonists and song moments.

"I don't want to fall into putting on the very thing we are satirising, so we are talking to investors now to make sure we have the proper budget to execute this well."

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The Scottish Sun reports Broadway songwriters Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, who are working with Richard on the musical, added in a statement: "It takes a special kind of magic to devastate children and adults alike.

"It feels the only way to find meaning in this catastrophe is to sing about it."

The 'immersive' Willy Wonka Experience in the city's Whiteinch went viral online after angry customers demanded their money back for the £35-a-ticket event when it failed to meet expectations, with some disgruntled parents even calling police.

Despite being promised a 'paradise of sweet treats' and 'enchanting surprises at every turn' there were reports online that children who arrived at the sparsely-decorated warehouse were given one jelly bean and a quarter cup of lemonade, with not a piece of chocolate in sight. 

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Organisers House of Illuminati cancelled the experience after just half a day on Saturday, February 24 and apologised that it had "fallen short of expectations". 

The farcical event became the basis for countless memes and jokes online, with it even being referred to on the legendary US TV show Saturday Night Live. 

Channel 5 will also air a one-off documentary titled Willy Wonka: The Scandal That Rocked Britain at 7.35pm this evening (March 16).