Are you planning a holiday and wondering how to get the cheapest flights? Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has shared a tip for those of us who are flying with easyJet.

In a video posted to his X account, formerly Twitter, Lewis has shared one way you can get cheaper flights and it’s really simple but he urges you “to be quick”.

The Money Saving Expert is often sharing his top tips to help Brits with their finances and today is no different.

easyJet is set to launch 10 million UK seats for flights (for the period December 1, 2024 to March 2, 2025) on Thursday, March 21.

The time they launch which is 9am on Thursday is said to be the “very cheapest” time to get them booked, explains Martin Lewis.

This is because easyJet uses a demand pricing method, Lewis explains: “Its pricing is demand based on how many people are trying to buy tickets for a flight. If there’s a lot of demand, the price goes up, if there’s less demand, the price goes down.

“So usually the very cheapest point is exactly when flights are launched. If you get in at the second flights are launched and tomorrow, that’s Thursday the 21st of March 2024, it’s launching a whole new range of seats, 10 million UK seats for flights from the 1st December 2024 to the 2nd March 2025.”

He added: “So if you can pounce when they launch, that is usually the very cheapest time.”

Who is Martin Lewis?

easyJet has said the new seats will become available at 9am but the airline has never given a set time for a launch like this, Martin Lewis explains, so whether or not it will stick to 9am is uncertain.

Previously new seats have launched “from around 6am or even earlier”, Lewis explains.

He said perhaps the fact there has been a confirmed time for the release of the seats is due to a change of strategy or “maybe 9am is rough” and seats could be released before then.

To avoid disappointment, Lewis encourages people to be looking for flights before 9am, saying: “I mean, the safest thing to do would be to get online at about 6am and start checking at that point but the decision is up to you.”

He shared an example of someone who had taken his advice last year when booking easyJet flights, saying that flights for Lanzarote during the Christmas period cost her £251 cheaper per seat at 6.15am when she booked them than when she checked again at 8am that day.

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Lewis said that easyJet has said getting seats booked when they launch is a cheap time to book.

He added: “My view is seats may get cheaper if there was very very little demand for the flight later on but you have no way of knowing that whereas you do have a way of knowing that the flights are being launched Thursday morning, tomorrow morning, in which case that’s probably the safest chance you’ve got to try and book really cheap flights.”

Lewis urged people to “use your common sense” because if flights are looking expensive “then something has obviously changed.”