Dozens of homeless people are being refused emergency accommodation each night, a charity has said.

Homeless Project Scotland said each night for more than the last week they have been told by the council there is no accommodation available.

The council said it is not always possible to find somewhere for everyone seeking accommodation.

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Colin McInnes, chairperson of the charity, which has been operating an overnight shelter in the city centre this winter said they are being turned down nightly.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “We are seeing more than 30 people a night coming to us.

“When our volunteers get in touch with the out of hours service they are told there is nothing available and to try in the morning.

“We have been told to stop presenting at night but people are still told nothing is available and they come back to us the following night.”

Last month the Glasgow Times reported how people were forced to sleep on the floor overnight of the official Overnight Welcome Centre because there were no rooms available.

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Men were spending the night on campaign mats in the centre which is not intended to take people all night.

Homeless Project Scotland opened the indoor service last year to help over the winter, having moved its soup kitchen service from under the Heilanman’s Umbrella in Argyle Street.

Mr McInnes said: “Our volunteers have been left in tears as we are unable to help these people.

"The law says people are entitled to accommodation but feel we are being ignored and these people are being ignored.”

The charity said it is planning to keep its welfare centre open throughout April in response to the growing number of people who could otherwise be on the street.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “The council recently declared a Housing Emergency in Glasgow in recognition of the significant pressures faced in relation to housing supply and homelessness need.

“We always do our best to accommodate everyone that presents to us however we acknowledge this is not always possible. 

“Accommodation offers will always be considered for those most vulnerable.”