A much-loved Glasgow cafe has mysteriously closed down with no prior warning.

Melton John's Cafe on Govan Road in Glasgow's Southside has reportedly shut up shop.

There are claims that a Facebook page that was once active has disappeared with Google also showing the business as "permanently closed".

The Glasgow Times also understands that Just Eat also prevents people from ordering from the business with customers being hit with a message that says "This place isn't taking orders right now".

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People took to social media to express their concerns as they sought answers regarding the mysterious closure.

One asked: "Does anyone know why Melton John's is closed on Govan Road?

People took to the comments to share their thoughts with someone saying: "Yeah I went to get something from it & it was closed.

"No Facebook page anymore and it says Permanently closed on Google and didn't have that before."

Another said: " I looked it on just yesterday and  I just thought was closed."

A third said: "I loved their food."

A fourth added: "Me too sad to see it go."

A fifth expressed their shock as they posted: "Oh that's shocking."