THE Overtones are returning to Glasgow this year giving fans the "official start to Christmas".  

Following the success of last year’s tour, the multi-platinum-selling vocal harmony group will perform at the Royal Concert Hall in November as part of the Good Times Christmas Tour.  

Consisting of Darren Everest, Jay James, Mark Franks and Mike Cranshaw, the four-piece is known for their exquisite vocals and synchronised dance moves.  

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The band say they decided to embark on a festive tour this winter as they want to make touring at Christmas a key part of people’s celebrations. 

Darren explained: "We took a few years off touring due to various reasons and Covid, it was taken out of our hands, but we made sure we got back as soon as we could and that was last year and we’ve said it’s going to be a staple in our calendar and hopefully our fan’s calendars for the future.  

"It’s really important to us; The Overtones and Christmas go hand in hand.  

"We get out there, we put a smile on people’s faces, we get up and get everyone singing and dancing and we work as hard as we can to give everyone amazing memories.  

"We receive so many emails, DMs and letters about how we’ve managed to help people through certain situations and we’re kind of their escapism and people need that, and we let them know they’re our escapism as well.  

"At Christmas, there’s a special atmosphere and warmth in the air and we just have the best time.  

"People use it as their office party, they use it as a night to come out with their mum, and there’ll be four generations out celebrating, it’s the best time."

Glasgow Times:

Last year, the group visited Glasgow on the Good Times Tour for the first time in four years. 

Darren and Jay say it was "unbelievable" to be back in the city as it’s one of their favourite place to perform.   

"We’re not just saying this but on tour, Glasgow is probably the best one of the lot, it’s somewhere we always look forward to going," Darren says.  

"It was a packed house last time and from the first song to the last song people were on their feet singing and dancing, it was unbelievable."

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Jay agreed: "I was with a couple of musicians talking about places and where we were going for the Good Times Christmas Tour and Glasgow came up and I said the exact same things, that Glasgow was probably one of the best nights last time.  

"The people, the atmosphere, the energy in the room, I just love it.  

"It was four years since we were there last year and you never know how it’s going to go down having not been to Glasgow for that period of time but it was clear everyone was up to party and have a good time.  

"So we’re buzzing that’s back on the list."

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The announcement of this year’s tour coincided with the release of their new single Ladies Night on March 8, which was popular with those who attended the Good Times Tour last year.  

Jay: "We performed that on our last tour and it went down an absolute storm.  

"To announce the Good Time Christmas Tour and release Ladies Night into the world the week of Mother’s Day was a really cool thing to do.  

"So many people were like ‘where can we get it’ so we thought let’s record that so people can listen to it and enjoy it and listen to it all year round."

The Overtone will bring the Good Times Christmas Tour to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Sunday, November 17.  

You can find out more HERE.  

Ladies Night is out now.