A comedian was left disappointed after failing to sell a single ticket for her Glasgow International Comedy Festival show.

Elaine Fellows, who lives in Brighton, has been desperately trying to fill seats for her Sugar and Lies show with no success since December.

The 31-year-old is preparing to perform tomorrow at 7.15pm at the Van Winkle in the West End, but currently has no audience.

Glasgow Times: You might have seen Elaine's posters around the cityYou might have seen Elaine's posters around the city (Image: Sourced)

Despite the disappointing sale, Elaine remains optimistic and promises to “make it a good laugh” for any last-minute customers.

She arrived in the city this afternoon, as her hotel is non-refundable, and spoke to the Glasgow Times while hoping her luck was about to change.

Elaine told the Glasgow Times: “I think I have struggled to sell tickets because there are so many amazing acts at the festival to choose from.

“It’s hard times right now, we’re in a cost-of-living crisis and the world is falling apart.

“Lots of people don’t have the money spare to buy a ticket to a comedian they’ve never heard of!

“It’s a risk to spend your night out seeing someone you don’t know but if people do choose to spend their Wednesday night with me, I promise to make it a good laugh.”

Elaine bravely shared her vulnerable situation on Facebook in the hopes of finding people interested in her hilarious set.

The show will have her open up about her personal life, telling stories about faking it as a football fan to impress a boy and how she made herself very unwell with her biggest lie to date.

She will even have free sweets for the audience to sweeten the deal - with tickets already just £6 each.

Elaine said: “I think at first I was a bit apprehensive about putting [lack of sales on Facebook].

“There’s definitely a temptation to only show the best bits of your life on social media.

“I did wonder if I’d just been a bit stupid to admit I hadn’t sold any tickets and that maybe it would make my show seem even less desirable to watch.

"But then so many fellow comics and friends shared it and sent me messages of encouragement that I felt really supported.”

Elaine has been doing comedy since 2019 and has even performed in the city before.

She said: “I performed in Glasgow for the first time ever this year in January at The Stand Comedy Club and had the best time.

“There’s no audience like a Glasgow audience!”

To grab a ticket for the show click here.