Plans to extend parking charges in the city centre to 10pm have been put on hold.

The proposals to charge for on-street parking after 6pm were included in the council’s three-year budget last month.

However, it sparked anger among motorists and business groups who said it would deter customers from coming into the city centre in the evening.

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The changes, however, were not going to happen this year as they requires a Traffic Regulation Order and a consultation period - and were likely to be introduced in 2026.

The Glasgow Times understands even that timescale has been abandoned and the extension has effectively been kicked into the long grass.

Glasgow Times: Susan Aitken

Earlier this week, Susan Aitken said that the extension was under review having listened to businesses.

Asked what that review means, the SNP at the council said it will be referred back to the cross-party budget group.

An SNP Group spokesperson said: “There’s been an assumption that the standardisation of evening parking charges was being introduced immediately. That was never the case. It had been planned for introduction next year at the earliest. 

“But having listened to the concerns of businesses we’re now keeping these charges within the city centre under review and will refer the phasing of its introduction back to the cross-party budget working group.”

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The aim of changing the city centre streetscape to one with more space for people and public transport is still the aim.

The spokesperson added: “It’s important to remember though that the rebalancing of city centre streets is part of a longer-term direction of travel, as set out in the cross-party supported City Centre Travel Plan.”

It has been noted that the city has more parking on-street parking spaces than Edinburgh and other similar sized UK cities.

That however is expected to change with the avenues programme and other alterations in the coming years reducing car parking bays.

The spokesperson said: “But in keeping the city centre evening parking charges under review we’ve time to make the thousands of affordable car park spaces across the city centre a much more attractive proposition.

“And crucially, it gives businesses more time to adapt to the changes taking place in Glasgow and in many of our comparator cities.” 

Business leaders welcomed the news.

A spokesperson for the Night Time Industry Association Scotland, said: “This move comes as a huge relief to our sector, which is already facing an immensely challenging trading environment.

"We are hopeful that the reversal of this policy marks a first step towards Glasgow Council becoming more responsive to the concerns of businesses, consumers and workers as well as supporting the vitality of our night time economy and culture.

"We extend our sincere appreciation to the Council for their reconsideration and swift action.”

Hisashi Kuobyama, Federation of Small Businesses’ development manager for Glasgow, said: “I am relieved to hear that the Glasgow City Council listened to the concerns raised by the city’s business community.

"They were very clear in their opposition to the plan – our recent joint survey with the Scottish Hospitality Group showed 97 per cent of the respondents felt it would be detrimental to their business, while about 50 per cent said they would have to reduce staff hours and numbers.

"So it’s only right that the council decided to put a pause on the plan."