Full Council day – and the Labour Group are looking for some honest, truthful answers from the Administration. It’s my hope that today we get some.

The last time we met as a Council, the city’s budget was set and reality of the financial mismanagement by the Scottish Government came home to roost.

After being handed down a slither of the amount of money that we need to run the city, the reality of this egotistical and, quite frankly inept, Administration in Holyrood left Glasgow with no option but to put the children of our city firmly in the firing line.

The SNP/Green coalition’s budget cuts, a direct consequence of this fiscal irresponsibility, are not merely adjustments on a balance sheet.

They are a profound betrayal of Glasgow’s youth, deepening educational inequalities and further widening the attainment gap.

The idea Glasgow’s schools must bear the brunt of the Scottish Government’s financial blunders is both tragic and infuriating.

These cuts have stripped schools of essential resources, ballooned class sizes to untenable levels, and put the jobs of hundreds of dedicated educators on the line.

Particularly galling is the dismantling of support for additional needs and MCR pathways, a move that reeks of short-sightedness and a lack of compassion.

This isn’t just a cutback; it’s a clear message that some students are less worthy of investment.

Perhaps even more galling though, is the fact the cuts to jobs were hidden under terms of ‘review’ and to be discussed at a working group.

The group hadn’t even been set up when letters to head teachers telling them of the cuts to their own schools were issued.

But it’s worth noting, this was a brutal budget and this financial debacle didn’t emerge in a vacuum. Years of fiscal mismanagement and misplaced priorities have led us to this precipice. The SNP’s failure to steward public funds effectively has resulted in a scenario where the most vulnerable – our children are going to pay the highest price.

As Glasgow rallies against these cuts, the demand for accountability and a reversal of these measures grows louder. The time for excuses has passed. The SNP/Greens must own up to their mistakes and reinvest in education, ensuring that every child in Glasgow, and indeed Scotland, has access to the quality education they deserve.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the resolve of Glasgow’s residents has never been stronger. Our children’s futures are not negotiable, and we stand united in demanding better.

To add to the worry this week was also the auditor’s report, presented to the Financial and Audit Scrutiny committee first and then the City Administration Committee. It clearly showed that four out of six of the main financial issues that the city must concentrate on are in danger. This included vision for the city, resilience, and planning.

Our city deserves better than this financial mismanagement. The consequences of it are real.

There was positive news this week though, and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the incoming Chief Executive, Susanne Miller who will take up the position when Annemarie O’Donnell retires in May.

Susanne has worked tirelessly over the years for Glasgow City Council, and I wish her all the very best in her new role.