A GLASGOW chef has taken home a top prize in a prestigious pizza cooking competition.  

Gabriele Reina, who works at Sano on Argyle Street, was part of the fourth-place team at the Expocook 2024 World Pizza Championships in Palermo earlier this month.

Taking part in the competition on Wednesday, March 13 as team two of the UK Pizza Federation (UKPF), Gabriele came fourth alongside team member Luca Recchiuti.

Glasgow Times:

Gabriele, 29, said: "I was responsible for preparing the dough, to mix the ingredients.

"It was very stressful because for three days in a row I was making the dough and managing the team.

"But the team worked very closely together."

He continued: "I was euphoric about the result of the competition, it’s a really good achievement."

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The World Pizza Championship draws pizza chefs from around the world to showcase their skills and creativity, with this being the second time Garbiele has taken part.

Gabriele, who originally comes from Palermo but moved to Glasgow four years ago, says he was "proud" to represent the UK in the competition.

He said: "I’m really proud because this is a good way to pass on my passion for pizza and Italian food to the next generation.

"Representing the UK Pizza Federation is a good achievement because it’s a good way to transfer the information about this kind of job that’s very popular in Italy."

Glasgow Times:

Team one of the UKPF, comprising Giulia Luongo and Ruth Thomas, came in third in the competition.

The team are now preparing for the Pizza World Championship which will take place in Parma in April.

Emilio Giacometti, president of UKPF, said: "We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable success of our teams at the World Championship Team.

"Their achievements highlight the talent and dedication of our pizza chefs, as well as the vibrant pizza culture that thrives within the UK Pizza Federation."

A spokesperson for Sano added: "The entire Sano team were delighted for Gabriele Reina and his team, what an accolade for such a dynamic young lineup.

"We were extremely thrilled when Gabriele decided to join our team at Sano in Finnieston, augmenting an amazing team of Italian chefs headed up by the renowned Nicola Pavia.

"His arrival significantly enhanced our already remarkable team of Italian pizza chefs."