A pensioner has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket after his home was flooded.

Walter Kimmet had to fork out more than £2,000 after he was hit with a sudden leak which damaged his flat.

The 71-year-old, who lives near Possilpark, could not stay in his property for five weeks after water wrecked the place in August 2023.

Now seven months later he is still picking up the pieces caused by the incident as he waits for an insurance claim.

Glasgow Times: Walter Kimmet had his home floodedWalter Kimmet had his home flooded (Image: Sourced)

Walter explained: “I was flooded from upstairs which put me out of my home for weeks because of the damage.

“The place was a mess. I have COPD so I cannot live with dampness. It would make me seriously ill, so I needed it sorted immediately.

“It cost me more than £2,000 in damages which is hard because I’m just on a state pension, I really don’t have a lot of money.

“I couldn’t wait for my insurance claim as I still haven’t even heard from them. I have sent all the details and receipts but got nothing back so far, I feel like they are dragging their heels.

“The situation has been really hard and I have been feeling so down, it has left me struggling.

“I hope my claim comes through soon so I can put my house fully back to how it was.”

A spokesperson for Aviva insurance said: “This policy is a home contents insurance policy for the tenants of NG Homes.

"These policies provide social housing tenants with £15k contents insurance for their belongings with a £50 excess on all claims.

“We are not able to discuss this case in detail due to customer confidentiality reasons, but we have been in regular contact with Mr K to resolve his claim and we are currently awaiting further information from him about the items being claimed for.”

An NG homes spokesperson said “The health and wellbeing of all our tenants and residents is our top priority. We take any matters raised with us very seriously and endeavour to resolve all issues effectively.

In this case, repairs were initiated as soon as the issue was reported to us. The tenant advised that he had somewhere else to stay during the time repairs were taking place.

“A fully furnished decant flat is available on site which the tenant would have been offered had he needed somewhere to stay.

“We have been working with the tenant and his insurance provider regarding the contents claim for damaged items to help facilitate the claim moving forward.

“We have no direct input with the insurance company as they will only speak directly with the policy holder; however, we will continue to support and work with the tenant until his claim is resolved.”