A large police presence has been spotted at Strathclyde Park this morning.

Six cop cars have descended on the popular Motherwell spot for an on-going investigation.

Detectives were seen combing the area near Strathclyde Road at around 11am today.

Ambulances are also reportedly on the scene according to residents who live nearby.

Glasgow Times: Police spotted at the parkPolice spotted at the park (Image: Sourced)

They also reported hearing helicopters near the park which could be linked to the probe.

It is understood to have been in relation to a medical incident.

Glasgow Times: Six police cars have been caught on videoSix police cars have been caught on video (Image: Sourced)

One bystander who saw the scene at the park said: “More ambulances have arrived and are walking down the road with full kits.

“There’s half a dozen police out walking about too.”

More to follow.