With still some time to go before the summer begins, many will be eager to book an early holiday and fly out from Glasgow Airport this April.

However, if you're looking to save some money before the big getaway in June or July, you may want to consider some cheaper options available right now.

From flights to historic cities in Germany to sun-soaked spots in Portugal, here are some of the cheapest flights you can get from Glasgow Airport in Renfrewshire this month.

The cheapest flights you can get from Glasgow Airport this April

Here are some of the cheapest flights for a single adult to get from Glasgow Airport between April 1 and April 30, according to Skyscanner.

Find out more on the Glasgow Airport website.

Dublin, Ireland

Cost: £26

Brussels, Belgium

Cost: £30

Wroclaw, Poland

Cost: £33

Malaga, Spain

Cost: £40

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Cost: £41

Budapest, Hungary

Cost: £44

Bucharest, Romania

Cost: £56

Paris, France

Cost: £78

Faro, Portugal

Cost: £82


Cost: £82

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Agadir, Morocco

Cost: £84

Geneva, Switzerland

Cost: £87

Berlin, Germany

Cost: £89

Prague, Czechia (Czech Republic)

Cost: £94

Vienna, Austria

Cost: £95

Stockholm, Sweden

Cost: £105

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cost: £114

Dalaman, Türkiye (Turkey)

Cost: £126

Copenhagen, Denmark

Cost: £126

Corfu, Greece

Cost: £129

Bergen, Norway

Cost: £141

Valletta, Malta

Cost: £144

Paphos, Cyprus

Cost: £163

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cost: £181

What are the rules around liquids at Glasgow Airport?

The restrictions on liquids in hand luggage still apply at Glasgow Airport with these needing to be stored in 100ml or less containers to be allowed on flights.

According to Glasgow Airport, liquids in larger containers will not be allowed through security.

The only exemptions on hand luggage liquids at Glasgow Airport apply to baby food/milk (this may be checked by security), liquid medicines (evidence in the form of a GP note may be required) and airport purchases.