A self-referral scheme to help people with financial worries has been launched.

The Money Worries programme by Lanarkshire Mind Matters comes as April is being labelled as 'Awful April' due to escalating financial concerns.

The module covers topics such as understanding the link between money problems and mental health, developing new coping mechanisms, confronting financial fears and learning budgeting techniques.

Lanarkshire Mind Matters is a website run by the NHS Lanarkshire Psychological Services which aims to improve Lanarkshire’s psychological wellbeing.

Dr Simon Stuart, consultant clinical psychologist and digital lead for Psychological Services for NHS Lanarkshire, said: “The financial strains faced by individuals can significantly impact their mental well-being, creating a detrimental cycle that affects various aspects of their lives.

“The Money Worries programme, accessible through the Lanarkshire Mind Matters website offers a digital therapy course that can help break the cycle of money-related stress and mental health issues.

“Let me be clear: we are not saying that money problems are all in the mind. They are not — things are hugely challenging right now.

“However, every little helps. People who self-refer to the program can gain insights into the relationship between financial difficulties and mental health challenges, while learning practical strategies to manage their concerns more effectively.

“Through evidence-based cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the course will help participants to develop essential skills to navigate difficult financial situations with increased confidence.”

Participants will also have access to resources such as personal stories, quizzes, mindfulness exercises and journaling activities to enhance their learning experience.

The flexibility the programme offers allows individuals to access support from their smartphones, computers, or tablets at their convenience.

For more information or access to the programme, go to https://tinyurl.com/87jsx53j.