AN UNCLE is taking on a brutal challenge to help a schoolboy walk again.

John McCabe, from Motherwell, is desperate to help his 12-year-old nephew get back on his feet after he suddenly became paralysed three years ago.

The youngster was just eight years old when shooting pains were revealed to be an extremely rare condition that left him unable to use his arms and legs.

Glasgow Times: John will cycle 420 miles for JackJohn will cycle 420 miles for Jack (Image: Sourced)

Doctors warned they believed he would never move his limbs again, but his family insisted on private treatment in London which has given Jack some of his independence back.

Now John, 51, is trying to raise money so the schoolboy can continue to access his vital physiotherapy treatment.

He plans to cycle 420 miles this week, passing all 12 Scottish Premier League stadiums due to Jack's love of football.

Glasgow Times: Jack has made incredible progress with his physioJack has made incredible progress with his physio (Image: Sourced)

John said: “Jack lost all the power in his limbs so suddenly, but he has been such a trooper and very brave.

“I really want to do anything I can to help him, the physio has been massive for him he can even feed himself now.

“He loves football so much, we even have him out in the garden in his wheelchair to play and he plays with his friends.

“I knew I wanted to honour his love for the game so that is why I have decided to cycle round all the stadiums to raise money to pay for his treatment.

“It is really expensive but critical to his recovery, he has already passed expectations so who knows how far he can go.”

Glasgow Times: Jack loves footballJack loves football (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: John will pass the Scottish Premier League stadiumsJohn will pass the Scottish Premier League stadiums (Image: Sourced)

Brave Jack was rushed to hospital in March 2021 after experiencing severe shooting pains.

He was transferred to the Royal Hospital for Children after losing function down his right side.

An MRI scan found that he had a spinal arteriovenous malformation - an extremely rare condition where enlarged blood vessels swell and damage the spinal cord, interrupting the signals between the brain and the rest of the body.

The cluster was set to be removed but he suffered a bleed into his spinal cord beforehand, which left him with paralysis in all four limbs.

Now he has much more independence thanks to the intense private physio which helps him regain and improve his mobility.

Glasgow Times: Jack relies on a wheelchairJack relies on a wheelchair (Image: Sourced)
Glasgow Times: Jack has been working hard with his treatmentJack has been working hard with his treatment (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: John wants to help his brave nephewJohn wants to help his brave nephew (Image: Sourced)

Jack's dad Graeme McGarry said: “It is incredible that John is doing this, he has been so close and supportive to Jack through this full thing.

“It is unfortunately very expensive for us to go down to London so Jack can get his physiotherapy but he has made so much progress we cannot stop now.

“At first doctors told us they didn’t think he would be able to do much again but now they have revised that advice and said there is no limit on what he can achieve.

“The physio is what gives him that boost, he doesn’t even need to wear a back brace anymore because it has improved his strength so much.

“We are so proud of him, the dream is to get him back on his feet and walking again so any help John can offer is so appreciated.”

You can contribute to John's fundraiser here.