POLITICIANS have been invited to a cross-party meeting to discuss rats in Glasgow.

The GMB union cleansing branch has asked for all parties represented on the council to get together to look at how to tackle the problem of vermin in the city.

Last week the Glasgow Times reported how the union said four members had been taken to hospital for treatment after being scratched or bitten by a rat.

A survey, by a leading insurance firm, also found there had been more than 5000 pest control call outs in the city last year for rats.

Chris Mitchell, GMB cleansing convenor, said a solution is needed as it is getting worse for cleansing workers, residents and local businesses.

Glasgow Times:

He said the four parties - SNP, Labour, Greens and Conservatives - have been asked to a third meeting over cleansing services, this one specifically related to vermin.

Mr Mitchell said: “We need another 100 staff to deal with this issue.”

He said the problem with rats is directly related to cuts to services like cleansing and environmental health.

So far, Labour have said they will attend. The invite was sent out by Labour councillor Paul Carey.

Eunis Jassemi, Labour councillor, confirmed the party would be represented by councillor Carey.

The SNP said there is another mechanism to deal with these concerns.

A spokesperson for the SNP said: "As we have said before, all the trade unions are signed up to the long established Workforce Board.

“This is the formal platform where workforce issues are discussed and addressed between staff representatives, cross-party elected members and management.

“An entirely separate forum set up by a backbench Labour councillor and representatives from one union undermines that.

“The next Workforce Board is on Wednesday and this topic is already on the agenda.”

The GMB said the problem is so serious it requires a separate meeting.

Mr Mitchell said: “We need urgent action. No one can deny the problem we have with rats.”

The Conservatives have said they are considering attending.