GLASGOW is a colourful canvas of bold lettering, neon signs and lit-up logos showcasing our city’s shops, venues, bars, restaurants and more.

In times past, advertisements and shop front signs were hand-painted onto brick and stone, and over the years many have been covered up and hidden by new modern installations.

But the evidence of these bygone brands has never been removed and every once in a while, we are reminded of former residents of the city.

Here are some ghost signs which have been resurrected over the years in Glasgow.


Glasgow Times:

Before McDonald’s and Burger King multiplied and soared in popularity across Glasgow and beyond, Wimpy used to satisfy burger lovers.

Guests could enjoy a shanty brunch or Wimpy grill for pennies and, unlike in fast food joints today, it would be brought to your table, and you would be given a knife and fork.

In its heyday there were more than 500 Wimpy restaurants in the UK – today, there are only three in Scotland.

One of the long-gone Glasgow spots used to be on Union Street, and in 2015 our memories of the restaurant were reignited as a shop was being refurbished.

Glasgow Times:

The signage was stripped away to reveal the ghost Wimpy brand name, reminding Glaswegians of the days of knickerbocker glories for 25p, French fried potatoes and of course, the iconic sausage bendy.

These days, if you want to enjoy a Wimpy you have to make the journey to Kilmarnock, Dingwall or Fraserburgh.


Glasgow Times:

Whether it’s browsing the beauty department for a new perfume, buying the record of the week or emptying the shelves of pic 'n' mix, everyone has fond memories of Woolies.

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A staple of the high street shopping experience for decades, Woolworth’s is now just a distant memory as the company went into administration in 2008 and all 207 stores closed.

One of the Glasgow stores which shut for good at that time was on Dumbarton Road in the city’s Partick.

Glasgow Times:

However, the memory of Woolies came back once again in 2022 when Poundland, which occupied the unit, closed down and its familiar blue branding was removed. Underneath, the old hand-painted sign for Woolworth’s appeared.

Sadly we can no longer see the ghost of Woolies as the pound shop reopened in the same spot in March last year – but it was a comforting reminder of a bygone era.

Flat 0/1

Remember sitting in this city centre bar feeling like you were at an afters? Flat 0/1 was the perfect setting for a casual night out enjoying a few drinks with friends. With its kitschy decor and laidback atmosphere, this Bath Street boozer was designed to resemble a student flat with a living room and kitchen.

It’s no longer part of the city’s bar and club scene, but the space above nightclub Manuka (formerly Kushion) "became" Flat 0/1 again when the old signs appeared in the window in February this year.

Glasgow Times:

It was understood the unit was being used as a rehearsal space for A Play, A Pie and a Pint when the old signs were resurrected, but it certainly brings back memories of having pre-drinks at Flat 0/1 before heading downstairs to Kushion.

Splendor Lamp Company Ltd

Glasgow Times:

While these ghost signs have been brought back through a big change or move, not all have been covered at some point. Take this incredible example on West Regent Street.

Steakhouse Meat Bar occupies the space at the basement of number 142, but when the restaurant opened there it placed a modest red neon sign at the corner of the shopfront. Above it is the faded but still very legible hand-painted signage for the Splendor Lamp Company Ltd.