THERE'S no shortage of great Sunday roasts across Glasgow and when I saw Turtle Bay is serving Caribbean-style roasts every weekend I couldn't wait to try it. 

The Reggae Roast gives diners the option of jerk topside beef (£19), half jerk chicken (£18), jerk pork belly (£18) and vegan Jerk “chicken” (£17).

All roasts are served with thyme and rosemary roast potatoes, dumplings, sweet plantain, Caribbean roasted greens, carrots, parsnips and chef Collin’s gravy.

Glasgow Times: Half Jerk chicken with mac & cheese Reggae RoastHalf Jerk chicken with mac & cheese Reggae Roast (Image: Newsquest)

I ordered the half Jerk chicken while my friend ordered the vegan jerk “chicken” and we also both decided to order a side of mac and cheese which was priced at £4.40.

The half chicken was beautifully cooked and tasted delicious but the Jerk flavour wasn’t strong.

I would have liked to taste the jerk more but if you’re unsure about the flavour or don’t like spicy food then it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

Glasgow Times:

I enjoyed all the sides, particularly the roast potatoes, and we were given a good amount of gravy to top it all off.

The mac and cheese was quite a big portion on top of the meal so one to share would also have been enough. It wasn’t as creamy as I normally like, but it stopped it from being too heavy as part of such a large meal.

My friend said the vegan jerk “chicken” was the “best fake meat I’ve had” so if you don’t eat meat this is one roast dinner to check out.

Glasgow Times: Vegan Jerk chicken Reggae RoastVegan Jerk chicken Reggae Roast (Image: Newsquest)

Glasgow Times: Passion Rum PunchPassion Rum Punch (Image: Newsquest)

We also both decided to get the drinks package which costs £25 per person and includes any five cocktails, mocktails, prosecco or draft Red Stripe – each drink can be different.

This was good value for money if you wanted five cocktails but the downside I found was all the drinks had to be ordered within an hour and a half, so they were coming in thick and fast, and we did end up with three drinks each on the table at one point.

Thankfully, the restaurant wasn’t too busy so we were able to stay at our table for a while after eating to finish our drinks but with cocktails only priced at £6 from Sunday to Thursday, you could skip this and order them at a more leisurely pace as needed.

The cocktails themselves though were very tasty and I enjoyed all the ones I had, especially the One Love which had dark rum, passionfruit, coconut and pineapple.

Overall, we both enjoyed this meal and said we would be keen to come back for it again or to try another of the restaurant's menus as we'd never been before.

The food especially was very good value for money and is cheaper than many Sunday roasts in the city if you're looking for something more budget-friendly, but I’d say the drinks package wasn’t a necessity and their cocktails are a reasonable price on their own.

We had great service and didn't feel at all rushed and enjoyed sitting back in the colourful restaurant enjoying our drinks with reggae music playing in the background. 

Turtle Bay Glasgow is located at 130 St Vincent Street.

The Reggae Roast is served from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.