A PAISLEY martial arts sensation says it is "mad to think about" becoming a three-time world champion.

Alfie McIntyre picked up his third Muay Thai title in Thailand recently after taking on what he described as his "hardest" fights yet.

The 14-year-old admits despite looking at all the medals and belts he has picked up in his short career of just over three years, he still wants to improve.

Glasgow Times: Alfie McIntyre Alfie McIntyre (Image: Anthony Flett)

He said: "The sport is all about the discipline.

"It has been good for my mental health as well.

"When I am training it helps take me to a different place and I always aim to be the best I can be and improve on my skills.

"Martial arts has always been my thing."

On competing in Thailand, he went on to say: "It was very hard when I was over there.

"The heat basically took a lot out of me.

"In Thailand, they do hit a lot harder, and obviously they are the best in the world at it, but it is all about being prepared.

"It is a different type of fighting.

"It is mad to think that I have won three world championships now."

Glasgow Times:

Alfie's dad Mark has been a huge supporter of his son and has helped him thrive in the sport by always being in his corner.

The 40-year-old is Alfie's fight coach and the pair travel up and down the country together, which Mark admits can cost a lot of money.

He went on to say: "It can be dead expensive to do but it is something that he loves.

"I don't drive so when we go down south sometimes for a competition we have to get four trains and two taxis to get where we are going.

"We do have six sponsors for Alfie that help provide some equipment and gear for him.

"However, I am so proud of what he has done in a short space of time.

"He never wants to do anything other than train."

Glasgow Times:

Alfie has ADHD and his dad says Muay Thai has helped him.

Currently, he trains at Base Muay Thai at Reaper Gym in Linwood and trains five times a week for up to three hours, something Alfie said he "loves doing".

Having previously become WKA European Champion and MTB Junior Champion, Alfie says he has his eyes on reaching the very top of the sport.

He said: "If it wasn't for my dad I wouldn't be doing this.

"He is my coach and he is always in my corner, physically and in support.

"My goal is to still focus on improving my skills and learn a lot more.

"When I was over in Thailand I was doing things I didn't know I was doing wrong and they helped point it out.

"I want to be the best I can be and go all the way in the sport."