THE cost-of-living crisis has forced many people in Glasgow to tighten their purse strings but several refused to compromise their style.

Charity shops and second hand websites like Vinted have seen a huge surge in popularity as shoppers search for the best bargains.

The Glasgow Times previously reported how East End’s David Black, owner of House of Black, put on a cost-of-living crisis inspired fashion show near Glasgow Green.

Guests sat front row to catch a glimpse of the “sleep deprived” business outfits, which aimed to capture how the city is feeling about constant financial pressures.

We attended the event and asked attendees about their own looks and how cheap, eco-friendly fashion inspires them.

Glasgow Times: Kiera Walton, 29, DrumchapelKiera Walton, 29, Drumchapel (Image: Sourced)

Kiera Walton, 29, Drumchapel

“I am wearing a three-piece secondhand suit which I had altered.

“I like to focus on comfort and style, I think they can 100% exist together. I love flat shoes and oversized everything.”

Glasgow Times: Paige Davidson, 32, Glasgow Paige Davidson, 32, Glasgow (Image: Sourced)

Paige Davidson, 32, Glasgow

“I love anything menswear or gender neutral. One of my favourite designers right now is Pure Barkin, who makes alternative sustainable pieces.

“I also love charity shops like Cancer Research, they are great places to find stuff.

“I think being sustainable is the best way to be because it keeps you unique with what you are wearing and is so much better for the world. I also love supporting small businesses.”

Glasgow Times: Jenny Honnan, 27, GlasgowJenny Honnan, 27, Glasgow (Image: Sourced)

Jenny Honnan, 27, Glasgow

“I am wearing a vintage bag that I got in a shop in Budapest, a shirt from Marks and Spencer, it has puffy sleeves, and little brogues, I don’t remember where they are from but they look like fake Gucci.

“I am also wearing one cigarette earring and a little tooth ring, it is not a real tooth.

“I get my fashion inspiration from music and subcultures. I have my own fashion brand called Pure Barkin that focuses on sustainable fashion.

"I like to use secondhand stuff or things made in the UK.

"I also keep my pieces for a really long time.”

Glasgow Times: Victoria Lee, 27, PartickVictoria Lee, 27, Partick (Image: Sourced)

Victoria Lee, 27, Partick

“I am a sustainable stylist, my inspiration comes from however I feel that day when I go into my wardrobe.

“I used to own a fast fashion brand but I have completely turned things around and now I'm a sustainable stylist.

“When I had my original brand I looked into how my jumpers were being made and after researching I realised how bad the industry is.

“I knew I had to make a change and now I focus on secondhand and slower fashion.”

Glasgow Times: Joanna, 46, West EndJoanna, 46, West End (Image: Sourced)

Joanna, 46, West End

“I am wearing gold shoulder pads here tonight.

“I shop with independent designers or secondhand, I like stuff that has been locally produced.

“I get my inspiration from people around me, I have a lot of friends in fashion and I like to look at how different people style themselves.

“I have been into fashion for about 15 years and been around designers. It has become a lifestyle.”

Glasgow Times: Rhianonne Stone, 28, South SideRhianonne Stone, 28, South Side (Image: Sourced)

Rhianonne Stone, 28, Southside

“My style inspiration is black, white and red. I also really like David Black’s collection.

“I used to be a stylist so I have a lot of different inspirations from different places. I got my items tonight for £3 or some stuff was even just 50p.

“I only buy secondhand, everything except pants and socks comes from charity shops or sustainable sellers. It is the future.

“If places like eBay, local small businesses and charity shops exist then why would you ever buy from anywhere else?”

Glasgow Times: Rachel Alice Johnson, aka Scottish songwriter Kohla, 29Rachel Alice Johnson, aka Scottish songwriter Kohla, 29 (Image: Sourced)

Rachel Alice Johnson, aka Scottish songwriter Kohla, 29

“My style inspiration is Audrey Hepburn, I just love vintage glamour. I try to be contemporary.

“I really like things that are form fitting that hug you in because I am quite petite.

“I buy most of my clothes from Vinted, I love recycled designer fashion. It offers a better price point that is more affordable. I usually go for sparkly things, or a lot of lace, or have nice colours.”