A Cumbernauld couple flew from Glasgow into serious flooding at Dubai Airport.

Lisa Monteith, 48, and husband Gregg Monteith, 45, arrived to the heaviest rain the United Arab Emirates has experienced in 75 years.

We previously reported how thousands of UK passengers are experiencing cancelled flights, delays and issues after the intense storm.

It is also believed at least one person has died after a man's car was caught in the flash floods.

Lisa described the scenes as something from a “disaster movie” after getting off their delayed Emirates Airline flight yesterday, [Tuesday, April 16].
Glasgow Times: Lisa said hundreds of people tried to leave the airportLisa said hundreds of people tried to leave the airport (Image: Sourced)

She explained: “We had no clue the storm was as bad as it was until we landed and had lots of messages from family asking if we were okay.

“It was crazy and when we realised the full extent of the chaos, at least 500 people were waiting for a taxi.

“There were also lots of people on the Glasgow flight connecting to other flights and I dread to think what happened to them. It was a scene from a disaster movie.

“Thankfully we had booked private transfers and were able to get to our hotel relatively quickly, but they had to change our car to a minivan to get through the water. We even saw cars floating about.

“I would never complain because people have lost their livelihoods and lives.”

Glasgow Times: Lisa and Gregg watched cars float in the rainLisa and Gregg watched cars float in the rain (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: Lisa and Gregg are staying in their hotel Lisa and Gregg are staying in their hotel (Image: Sourced)

Lisa left Glasgow yesterday on her 2.35pm scheduled flight, which did not leave until around 6pm.

The flight then circled Dubai for 40 minutes before landing on the tarmac for two hours while the airport tried to find a gate to let passengers off.

Now they have finally made it to their hotel but are stuck inside as the city battles the aftermath of the brutal weather.

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Lisa added: “It is our first time in Dubai so I'm a bit disappointed we won't be able to do our full itinerary, however I get it and I wouldn't complain.

“We are on holiday here until Saturday and then on to Thailand. The weather is perfect now but we are not leaving the hotel as the roads are still mental.

“The plan is to fly to Thailand on Saturday. I am not overly concerned just yet the Dubai locals seem to be on top of everything quite quickly so hoping all okay come Saturday.”

Glasgow Times: The airport was very busyThe airport was very busy (Image: Sourced)

Emirates has now cancelled seven flights between the UAE airport and the UK, with British Airways diverting or axing four.

Dubai International Airport urged passengers to stay away “unless absolutely necessary” after it was hit by more than a year’s average rainfall in 24 hours.

Many flights all around the world were delayed by several hours on Tuesday or cancelled, leaving tourists stranded.

The airport – which is the world’s second busiest airport – was deluged on Tuesday after the UAE was hit by the most rain it has recorded in data going back to 1949.

The airport issued a statement on Wednesday which said: “We advise you not to come to the airport, unless absolutely necessary.”