A PAISLEY headteacher has said she feels “privileged” to lead her school after a glowing inspection report.

Marie-Claire Temple, who is at the helm of Brediland Primary, said she was delighted with the result of a recent Education Scotland visit.

“Our children, staff and families work tirelessly to make sure all children can achieve their full potential,” she said.

“Our children are achieving impressively across the curriculum, and in many other ways through their own interests, both within and out with school, all tackled with assiduous determination.”

Glasgow Times:

The inspectors said staff across the school “promote positive, trusting relationships and create calm and purposeful learning environments” and added: “They work well together to ensure children and families feel a strong sense of belonging.”

The report also found: “Children are proud of their school. They demonstrate an eagerness and motivation to learn.

“Staff across the school know children and their families very well. Working effectively with parents and partners, they provide a range of effective supports to reduce barriers to children’s learning.”

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Senior leaders were praised for the school’s “effective improvements in the teaching of literacy and numeracy” and inspectors noted: “As a result, most children are making good progress in their learning.”

Areas for improvement suggested by inspectors included advice for senior leaders to “continue to review their processes for checking how well children progress and attain over time” and the team said: “Staff should continue to improve approaches to planning assessment and moderation of learning and teaching to ensure all children enjoy consistently high-quality experiences across the curriculum.”

Ms Temple said: “To me, the most important feature of this report is the sense of pride and belonging that the children of Brediland feel regarding their school.

“Children learn best when their relationships with others are strong, trusting and nurturing, and when they feel valued and safe. This is what we do so successfully and so naturally in Brediland.

“As headteacher, I feel privileged to lead this unique and aspirational team.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.