Humza Yousaf has been invited to spend a day with cleansing workers in Glasgow to see the problem with rats.

Staff have been highlighting the number of times they come across vermin while doing their jobs.

Union representatives have told how members have been taken to hospital for treatment after bites or scratches from rodents.

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Now the GMB union has asked Humza Yousaf to intervene and provide cash for more staff to combat what the union says is a “vermin emergency” in the city.

Glasgow Times: Humza Yousaf

They want the First Minister to join them to see what they are faced with on a daily basis.

John Slaven, GMB Scotland organiser said, in a letter to the First Minister: “The source of Glasgow’s growing rat problems is obvious: cuts to cleansing services has resulted in more waste on our streets and backcourts which has allowed rats to thrive.

“The solution is just as obvious: investment in the cleansing workforce to clean up our streets.

“Funding must be long-term and sustainable, but the situation is so dire that emergency funding is needed urgently to create 100 new posts to reverse the damage these cuts have done and reduce the rat population.”

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Councillors from Labour, conservatives and Greens are expected to attend a meeting today organised by GMB to discuss the vermin problem in the city.

The SNP are not attending as they said there another official forum exists where problems can be raised and discussed.

The union said an urgent response is needed.

Chris Mitchell, GMB Scotland convenor in cleansing, said: “We have been told the SNP will not be coming because the meeting does not follow procedures.

“Sadly, the thousands of rats plaguing neighbourhoods across the city and risking the health of our members do not follow procedures either.

Glasgow Times:

“This is an emergency and demands emergency action.

“These councillors poring over the rule book should get out of their ivory towers and spend a day with cleansing crews to see the scale of this crisis and what our communities are being asked to endure.”

Previously an SNP spokesperson, told the Glasgow Times: "As we have said before, all the trade unions are signed up to the long established Workforce Board.

“This is the formal platform where workforce issues are discussed and addressed between staff representatives, cross-party elected members and management.

“An entirely separate forum set up by a backbench Labour councillor and representatives from one union undermines that.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “All workers should experience a safe and sanitary work environment and we note the serious concerns that are being raised.

“Local authorities remain responsible for decisions regarding waste and recycling services and the operation of collections. In 2024-25, Glasgow City Council will receive over £1.6 billion to fund local services, which equates to an extra £74.9 million to support vital day to day services or an additional 4.9% compared to the 2023-24 budget.

“Ministers recognise the need to tackle the root causes of the waste and litter on our streets. That is why the Scottish Government is investing more than £21 million to improve waste collection services in Glasgow through the Recycling Improvement Fund and more than doubled the fixed penalty for flytipping.”