A PRISONER who attacked a fellow inmate went on to say, “I’m not here to take any s**t from that wee rat”.

Lee Jackson, 40, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court after assaulting Martin Maher in HMP Barlinnie's B Hall on July 20, 2021.

At the hearing on Wednesday, Sheriff Jonathan Guy raised concerns about how long it has taken for the case to be called.

The court was told Jackson shared a cell with Mr Maher.

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At 9.40pm, the emergency call button was activated, and a prison officer attended the cell.

Jackson was seen to be “irate” and “in a fit of rage” standing over Mr Maher, who was lying on the floor.

He had been struck to the head.

When further prison officers arrived, he told them “I’m not here to take any s**t from that wee rat”.

Mr Maher, who had a cut to his mouth, was removed from the cell but did not give any details as to what had happened.

He refused to let staff photograph his injury.

Meanwhile, Jackson was told he was being reported to the police.

He admitted to striking the inmate on his head to his injury by means unknown to the prosecutor.

At the hearing on Wednesday, Sheriff Guy pointed out he has “quite a serious” matter outstanding.

His defence solicitor said: “It is an analogous offence with injury involved. He intends to plead guilty, and custody will be inevitable.

“My submission is to defer this matter until the outstanding one has called.”

But Sheriff Guy replied: “I will deal with this today. It doesn’t seem to me that it’s inevitable that custody will follow.”

The defence solicitor revealed her client was released from custody in February and doesn’t have a permanent address yet.

She added: “He does accept responsibility. He does give his reasons that he had attempted not to retaliate for a period of time. When he did, he finds himself here.

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“In the past, he’s suffered with addiction. He has 59 convictions, with a lot in relation to his addiction.

“The offence is serious. He believes that he would comply with a period of supervision or support in the community. He is keen to seek employment. My invitation is to impose a community payback order with supervision.”

Sheriff Guy told Jackson: “You pleaded guilty to assaulting a fellow prisoner. The locus is an aggravating factor, as is your record. It does you no favours.”

As a direct alternative to jail, he was placed under social work supervision for two years and ordered to carry out 198 hours of unpaid work.

Jackson will return to court in May for a review of the order.