A THUG threatened to rape a housing officer before laughing about the “appalling” comment he had just made.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday it was heard that John McAuley had been issued a warning for a separate matter on February 7, 2022.

Following this, the 60-year-old phoned a Glasgow Housing Association employee who he had known for around a year.

There was no answer, but he left the woman a voicemail.

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He stated the following: “You’re getting raped, haha. You’re getting raped ya f*****g w***e.”

He also said: “Arshad, the p**i one,” and, “you think you’re a pair of gangsters.”

The staff member phoned the police after hearing the voicemail.

Days later on February 11, police went to McAuley’s home. He was arrested and taken to London Road police office.

After being cautioned and charged, he replied “It was not me”.

In another incident on June 13, 2021, McAuley threatened his neighbours.

He went to the couple’s door at Dougrie Place in Castlemilk and repeatedly accused the man of chapping his door, before shouting and swearing at him.

He threatened to “get” him and challenged him to a fight several times.

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The man’s wife phoned police.

McAuley was initially warned but after a separate matter, he was cautioned and charged.

His lawyer revealed his client has “long-term issues” and is currently residing in homeless accommodation.

He added: “He is willing to carry out light duties of unpaid work. His conduct was nothing short of unacceptable.”

Sheriff Jonathan Guy told McAuley: “We have tried to find means of support so you can change some of your views but reading the terms of the social work report, I have to say, there’s no prospect of your views changing.

“You caused a disgraceful disturbance at your neighbours.

“Threatening to rape someone over the telephone is appalling and you need to be punished. This was extremely disgraceful behaviour.”

He was ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work and fined £110.