This month, the UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell said that we have two years to save the planet. It is vital that we implement much stronger action on the climate crisis and access the significant climate finance that is needed.

Scottish Greens have made it clear that the fossil fuel industry has to face up to the realities of the climate crisis. We cannot live in a world where companies can open up old oil and gas fields in the North Sea and drill for more fossil fuels.

There can be no new drilling if we are to reach net zero. We have to take action to stop these cash-hungry fossil fuel giants from prising open long abandoned fields.

Without Scottish independence, those powers lie at Westminster and it is utterly shameful that a UK Government subsidises the destruction of our climate with the only benefits being felt by fossil fuel shareholders.

Under this Tory government, fossil fuel firms, are being given tax breaks to help them. We have to introduce changes to taxation for new drilling to stop.

There has to be a focus on efforts to bring together political leaders from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as part of a Four Nations climate response group to deliver the just transition to net zero.

We need to support a ramping up of action across some of the toughest areas to reduce emissions. We have to provide people and businesses with the assistance they need to cut emissions and build a green, net-zero economy. Climate plans have to give more investment in greener jobs for workers including at Mossmorran and Grangemouth.

We have to tackle road congestion and deliver integrated tickets to make bus, train, subway and ferry travel easier. There is a need to support the rollout of local traffic demand measures, such as congestion charges used successfully in places like London, Stockholm and Bergen. This can address the local bottlenecks and cut emissions, with the funds generated to enhance local bus and other public transport. Fewer queues improve air quality, and health and helps businesses save on journey times as we slash car use by 20%.

There is a requirement to rapidly invest in electric vehicle charging points so more people and businesses can go electric. More support is required for businesses and households to switch, as well as enable the decarbonisation of freight.

We can look at how non-domestic rates relief can support climate ambitions and encourage investment in zero direct emissions, with a proposal for a new tax to encourage peatland restoration and tree planting. We can work to introduce an aviation departure tax which will drive down emissions from flying, without impact to island services.

Scottish Green MSPs have a pivotal role in ensuring that Scotland is accelerating climate action. The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our lifetimes. Scottish Green councillors will continue to push to ensure that decision-making supports the urgent and accelerated climate action needed across communities in Glasgow.