A bid to crackdown on dangerous quad bike riders with tougher rules has been taken forward by a Glasgow MP.

There have been several incidents and deaths in the city as a result of people riding quad bikes irresponsibly in recent years.

Anne McLaughlin, Glasgow North East SNP MP has presented a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Commons following concern and complaints from constituents about anti-social and dangerous use of such bikes.

Glasgow Times:

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She said she has heard of bikes being a menace, driven in parks and on pavements at speeds of up to 70mph, leaving residents terrified.

The Bill would mean bikes would need to be registered and a registration mark visibly displayed.

The MP said there would be exemptions for legitimate industrial purposes like farming or land management use.

Glasgow Times: A quad bike was involved in the incident in 2021

She said: “I have heard from so many constituents about the trouble caused by the anti-social, improper and frankly life threatening use of motorbikes and quads in Glasgow North East.

“I’ve been hearing from families who are scared to let their kids out to play in fear that they are run down by off-road bikes travelling on pavements and in playparks at speeds in excess of 60 – 70mph, and that’s just not fair.

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“Worse than this, there have been fatalities involving unlicensed and unregistered off-road trail bikes in my constituency and I want to do something to prevent that ever happening again.”

The MP said she has the support of the National Motorcyclists Council and cross-party MPs who want action as it is an issue that affects areas across the UK.

She said it is not easy for the police to catch people on bikes when they are speeding through parks and on pavements and feels that a registration mark will mean the owners can be identified and tracked down.

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McLaughlin added: “I know how much fun people can get from riding these off-road vehicles, and although it might not be for me, I do see the appeal in the sport.

“I don’t want to try and ban anything or stop the genuine enjoyment of riding an off-road bike, I just want it to be safer for everyone involved. It terrifies me when I see these people riding at high speeds with no helmets and no concern for their own safety or the safety of those around them.” 

Incidents involving quad bikes in Glasgow have ended in fatalities on a number of occasions.

In June 2022, a 36 year-old man died in Lambhill Cemetery after his bike crashed into a headstone.

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The crash took place early on a Sunday morning.

Margaret Meldrum, 75, was killed when Kurt Kilgour ran into her on a off-road quad bike in Knightswood.

Glasgow Times:

Kilgour, 25, who had been drinking and taking drugs went on the road, mounted the pavement and crashed into Margaret who was walking to nearby shops.

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In November 2019 a man died after he crashed a quad bike.

David McMillan, 27, died after he struck traffic lights in Archerhill Road, Knightswood.

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He had been riding on the road with two others on quad bikes at the time.