A WASTE ground in Govan could be turned into a new eco-friendly community green space. 

Elderpark Housing is exploring ways of transforming the space, which lies between Elderpark's offices and new homes built at Nethan Street by the housing association in 2021, into a community garden hub with space for growing produce and with a firm sustainability purpose.

The ground, near Govan Cross, was previously occupied by the janitor's home linked to the Hills Trust Primary School which was built in 1974. 

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Glasgow Times: What the space looks like todayWhat the space looks like today (Image: Elderpark Housing)

The buildings were demolished in around 2010. 

While funding for the project is still to be secured, Elderpark Housing is "making good progress" with ideas to transform the ground. 

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Glasgow Times: What the space could look likeWhat the space could look like (Image: Elderpark Housing)

Jonathan Giddings-Reid, community regeneration officer at Elderpark Housing, said: "We are very confident that we will make these exciting plans a reality with enthusiastic community backing - transforming land which has been unused for many years.

"Elderpark Housing is always looking at ways to create opportunities for wellbeing among our tenants and the wider neighbourhood and this redevelopment of waste ground helps achieve that.

"We are encouraging the community to come forward and support our plans and once finished we anticipate local people will play an important role in looking after it."

The proposals for the ground include: 

  • Flower and vegetable growing opportunities with an emphasis on growing "culturally-appropriate" produce to reflect the diverse nature of Govan's community
  • A bike station
  • Recycling opportunities
  • Encouraging local schools to utilities the garden for outdoor learning, further fostering already strong links between the housing association and schools
  • Organised walks starting and finishing from the garden while also creating a haven of peace and tranquillity for local people to enjoy and encourage positive mental health