The only thing that matches the prevalence of potholes on the road is the holes in the council budget.

It is apparent to anyone who uses the roads that pothole problems are as bad as ever and are probably a lot worse.

It looks like almost every main road has some level of damage.

Talk to regular drivers and they complain about the potholes.

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Taxi drivers will talk to you all day about potholes.

Every road user is aware of the potholes and the jolt you get when you run over one is superseded only by the shock when the garage presents the bill.

And as the figures we reveal today show, thousands have had a nasty shock.

As a car driver, although not daily, whenever I get behind the wheel it is on my mind and it seems there are more potholes and they are left unfilled for longer.

I am on my bike more often than in my car and this is where I notice the potholes more.

Glasgow Times:

Potholes are dangerous for drivers as they can leave you with an eyewatering bill for damage to wheels or suspension.

On a bike I am more likely to notice a pothole before I hit it.

On the routes I use regularly, I see the same potholes.

Also, what is more noticeable is damage along the centre of the carriageways and in the middle of lanes. Not potholes as such but longer stretches of damaged road that still need to be avoided.

Swerving to avoid a pothole can be a dangerous exercise for a cyclist.

Also on a bike, you must be alert to drivers maneuvering to prevent damage to their vehicle.

Money, is being spent on repairs and resurfacing. As our report shows more money this year than last.

But what drivers and road users will ask is, is it enough. The likely answer, and the answer from looking at the condition of the roads, is no, it is not.

But then the question has to be is the council’s budget sufficient to make the repairs necessary to bring the road up to the standards we want.

The answer to that, to anyone who has sat through a council or Holyrood budget meeting or sifted through budget papers is also, no it is not.

Reduced budgets from Holyrood to the City Chambers and a council tax freeze means there is not enough money to go round to maintain current levels never mind allocate more

Yes, the roads are in dire condition but like everything else, it comes down to budgets.