COMPENSATION claims for damage caused by potholes have been made from every council ward.

The amount of damage to cars can be estimated at almost half a million pounds in the last year.

As part of a new Glasgow Times Investigates series we are looking at the issues that matter to people in the city.

On day two of our series on potholes, we reveal the areas with the most claims for damage like burst tyres and mechanical repairs like shocks and suspension.

Glasgow Times:

Information shared with the Glasgow Times shows there were 1848 claims across Glasgow last year and more than 5000 over the last four years.

The average of claims paid out was £243 so 1848 at that rate would be £449,064.

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The council ward with the most applications for compensation was Govan with 201.

Greater Pollok was second with 157, Anderston/ City/ Yorkhill had 151 and Denniston had 130. Victoria Park was fifth highest with 115.

In Govan ward, we visited Woodville Street, Ibrox, where the road has deteriorated so much the old cobblestones underneath are clearly visible in large patches.

Glasgow Times:

The road is busy with cars and commercial traffic with a number of businesses along its length.

Two large potholes on either side of the junction with Copland Road are also causing cars to swerve to avoid being damaged.

Unlike the broken tarred road above, the cobbles appear to be in good condition.

One crater measured 60cm by 49cm and was around 10cm deep at its worst point.

In nearby Orkney Street, another pothole was 7cm deep with large broken stones inside the hole.

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

In the city centre, a pothole in Howard Street, near St Enoch Square is causing buses and taxis to drive round it.

Glasgow Times:

Javeed Iqbal business owner of a shop right next to it said he reported it but with no satisfaction.

Mr Iqbal said: “I reported the big pothole outside my shop via the council app.

“They replied to me saying it’s not dangerous and no action will be taken.

“I have seen a few tyres burst because of this pothole and even one bus tyre burst, making a very loud blast.”

Glasgow Times:

The hole is 150cm at its longest point and 110cm wide. There is another right next to it measuring 10cm by 52cm.

Together they are more than half the length of a Glasgow Hackney taxi cab.

Glasgow Times:

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said on the street highlighted above: “These locations are in line for maintenance in accordance with our inspection and repairs policy, which priorities the most serious faults for repair.”

The data on claims shows Govan had the most, with 201 claims last year but only three were accepted and paid out on.

The compensation claims totalled £435.

Five were rejected and there are still 193 current claims in the area.

Taking the city-wide average pay out of £213 that works out at repairs worth £42,174 that motorists have forked out for in the Govan ward alone.

Across the city, the 1741 claims either repudiated or outstanding from 2023/24 would work out at £423,063.

The council said potholes can appear suddenly at any time and are caused by environmental factors such as volume of traffic, ice and rain.

It said it has a system of road safety inspections and repairs that tackles the most dangerous faults as a matter of priority and encouraged people to report potholes

On the number of claims the spokesperson added: “All claims are determined on the individual merits of each case and in the context of our road safety inspection and repairs policy, which is based upon national guidance.

“The presence of a pothole does not automatically mean negligence on behalf of a roads authority.”

Pothole claims by ward in Glasgow last year.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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