Dear Janice, I met a guy on holiday and had the most passionate week of my life.  

He lives in the next town to me, but as we both have commitments, we agreed to keep in touch and get together after a few weeks.  

However, his messages and calls have been getting fewer and shorter.  

Do you think he is cooling off, and do you think I should ask him straight out if he still wants to see me? Lesley.  

Dear Lesley, I reckon if someone is super keen they would be ahead of the game. This guy isn’t.  

Perhaps he is a slow starter or perhaps he is back in the land of reality with a life and responsibilities you know nothing about.  

So, take the bull by the horns and suggest a date and time to meet up soon.  

His answer will give you yours.  


Dear Janice, I have been dating a guy for four weeks and I’m already bored.  

We went for pizza and drinks for our first date and hit it off immediately, so I agreed to see him again.  

Next time, and because the weather was so awful, he suggested I came to his house for drinks and to watch Netflix, but since then that’s all we have done.  

I’ve hinted at numerous places we could go, but we always end up watching telly in his room. He doesn’t earn a lot, and I don’t want to pressure him, but I’m bored.  

What can I do to move our relationship on? Lauren.  

Dear Lauren, almost immediately you have gotten yourself into a relationship rut, and it’s partly your fault because you should have drawn the line after the second Netflix box set.  

Next time you’re at his, give him a list of inexpensive things you can do and see and ask him to choose.  

Hiking, camping, bike hire, visiting friends for drinks, touring your own city, walks in the woods or beach, a picnic or BBQ in the park, the list is endless and the cost is minimal.  

Agreed, it’s not exactly living the high life, but it is still better than being square-eyed, bored and holed up in his bedroom.  

I do worry though that this is just him. But that’s for you to figure out.    


Dear Janice, am I too old to start dating at 77?  

My daughter laughed when I told her I had been asked out and said I should be content with my life as it is.  

I haven’t said yes or no to this lovely man, but I will see him again soon at the bowling club, so should I listen to my daughter or accept this man’s offer? Mary.  

Dear Mary, like everything in life this is about attitude, so accept your offer.  

Your daughter is seeing this from a different perspective, therefore thank her for her advice and do the opposite.  

I hope you have fun.