Dozens more buildings are “at risk” in Glasgow.

In our ongoing Glasgow Times Investigates series looking into issues that people in the city are talking about and want to see action on, we are looking into the high volume of derelict properties in the city.

There are almost 100 buildings listed as “at risk” in the city according to the Historic Environment Scotland register.

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The most recent survey, however, has found a 50% increase in buildings at risk.

It means between 40 and 50 additional buildings will be officially considered at risk.

Many are in and around the city centre as retail closures and stalled development following the covid pandemic have affected the appearance of the main streets.

The current register already has buildings at risk on several main city centre streets including Argyle Street, Bath Street, Sauchiehall Street, Trongate and Union Street.

Some are visibly in distress while others may appear to the untrained eye “safe” even though they are empty.

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Historic Environment Scotland maintains the At Risk Register and regularly carries out updates and visual inspections of properties.

Simon Stronach, Deputy Head of Planning at Historic Environment Scotland, said: “We recently carried out a survey of Glasgow‘s buildings at risk.

“This found, in common with other areas reviewed since the Covid pandemic, an approximate 50% increase in at-risk buildings.

“The condition of Glasgow’s at-risk buildings is broadly comparable with other Scottish urban areas.”

The buildings have not been revealed but the survey highlights some of the city’s most famous streets. 

Mr Stronach added: “As would be expected, our survey found increased building vacancy along Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street.

“The pandemic may have contributed to this by delaying regeneration schemes and reducing demand for some types of commercial buildings.

“It is good to see that Glasgow City Council has initiated a ‘Golden Z’ project to stimulate regeneration of the city centre.

“We are finalising our Glasgow survey results and will update the register soon.”