Congratulations to our new First Minister John Swinney. After a tumultuous couple of weeks of SNP leadership chaos, we now have a leader who many are describing as a ‘safe pair of hands’ at the helm of the SNP and of Scotland.

A safe pair of hands who wanted nothing to do with the SNP leadership last year, insisting it was a job for a younger person, allowing Humza Yousaf to attempt to guide a sinking ship after the untimely and surprising departure of Nicola Sturgeon from the top spot.

A safe pair of hands who despite this stance last year apparently went to lengths to ensure that there was actually no contest for the leadership this time around - I wonder why?

Scared of more division in the ranks? Scared he wouldn’t quite get the votes and lose control of the already failing narrative of the SNP or just because he couldn’t be bothered to actually have a contest?

You see what is becoming clearer and clearer to me – and most Scots – is that when push comes to shove the SNP just can’t be bothered.

They couldn’t be bothered to have a grown-up chat with their Green colleagues a fortnight ago and tell them of their stance that was making the Bute House agreement unworkable - instead, they just dumped them like you would an old bit of chewing gum at the bottom of your bag - unceremoniously, without thought and absolutely devoid of any feeling.

Which has brought all of this on.

They couldn’t be bothered to have a leadership contest – is that because examining the reality of what Swinney has done in his previous roles? I’ll give you one as a starter here – this was the man who was in charge of the SQA fiasco during Covid, which resulted in anguish, hurt and missed opportunities for thousands of our young people as well as a review of a then-world class system.

Or is it simply that those who STILL hold the power cards within the SNP simply couldn’t let someone with the sort of views that Kate Forbes has potentially lead the party – easier to deny the party members their democratic right to vote on a new leader.

In all honestly, as much as all of this vexes me – and it does – the real denying of democracy that frustrates me is the lack of a Scottish election.

Avid readers of my column will know it’s not unusual for me to say we need change or we need a general election now. But come on. We now need a Scottish election as well.

Two unelected leaders, two incompetent men who have been thrust upon Scotland to lead them – one not even with the express wishes of his own party! And we are supposed to just take it.

What’s even more baffling is the fact the SNP never stop mentioning the fact the Tories are at this carry-on in London. Imposing hopeless haddies on us as PM one after the other (I do agree with them on this) without calling a general election and listening to the will of the people.

And why? Because both the SNP and the Conservatives are running scared – any soundbite of late – last week’s elections in England gave us a bit of taste – indicates the Tories are toast.

So now, with our second unelected First Minister named and our second unelected Prime Minister still hanging on … I’ll say it again – Election now!