PROMISING fans a "party mood", Rebecca Ferguson is returning to Glasgow this month following the release of her latest album in December.  

Rebecca will be performing at the Pavilion Theatre on Sunday, May 26 as part of her Heaven Part II Tour, her first since 2018’s Revolution Tour.  

"It will be lovely, it’s always nice to see the fans,” she says.   

"The best audiences I’ve ever played for are the Irish, the Scottish, Liverpool and the Geordies. 

“I always like going up to Scotland because they’re the best audiences because they just like having a laugh I think."

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Rebecca, who shot to fame on The X Factor in 2010, continues: "It’s really just a let your hair down show.  

"If you want to have a dance, get up and dance. If you don’t want to dance you don’t have to dance.  

"It’s very positive vibes.  

"The vibe of this album and the show is just very uplifting.  

"I mix my music up with some classics like Luther Vandross and Lionel Richie.  

"I like the night to end on a big party."

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The Heaven Part II Tour follows on from the release of Rebecca's "fifth and final" album of the same name which was released on December 5 last year under her own record label, 12 years to the day since her debut album Heaven was released. 

It was also her first album since the 2016 release of Superwoman.  

While Rebecca says she will still be uploading songs to Spotify and iTunes, she wants to be able to create in a more relaxed way and under her own control.   

"I’ve got four children who I adore," she says, "and I’m just in this place in my life where I want to be more present and enjoy them.

"In my 20s I was constantly on the road or on a flight.  

"I just want to be able to have my career but also have balance."

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She continued: "With music at the moment there’s a lot of pressure from record labels to promote and I just want it to get to a place where I’m enjoying the music again and get back to the actual creating. 

"It’s so easy when you get into music the focus can become on the business and it takes away from the art a little and you lose that lovely creativity.  

"I always find with artists the first album is coming from a really pure place and then it gets distracted so I’m just trying to get back to the roots of it and focus on making music for fun."

Rebecca wrote Heaven Part II over seven years taking listeners on a journey of her experiences and she also reconnected with some of the writers from Heaven.  

She said: "It’s a polished version of what I’ve done before and I think that’s reflective of the place I was just before I released it.  

"When I was finishing it I was in a really good place and I’m a lot happier than I was."

She added: "The feedback from the people listening to it has been really positive and I’m happy people are enjoying it."

Rebecca Ferguson will be at the Pavilion Theatre on Sunday, May 26.