A football fan who called cops “pigs” after being asked to hand over a bottle of vodka admitted he deserved to be punished for his behaviour.

Barry Arnot was in Glasgow Central Station on November 4, 2023, ahead of a football match between Aberdeen FC and Hibernian FC at Hampden Park.

The game was due to start at 5.15pm. 

Shortly after 4.15pm the 48-year-old boarded the 4.20pm ScotRail service to Mount Florida.

As the train was about to depart officers noticed Arnot holding a one-litre bottle of vodka.

He was advised of the zero-alcohol policy on board trains but refused to hand over the bottle to police.

Officers asked him again to hand it over or he’d be ejected from the train.

Arnot handed over the bottle however as police walked away he shouted towards them “f*****g a*** h****, f*****g pigs”.

Officers advised him that he was no longer allowed to travel. He was ejected from the station.

Shortly after, he was spotted joining a queue of football fans in the station. Police advised him that he was not permitted to travel at this stage.

Arnot replied “f*** you” and continually put his arms up at officers in an aggressive manner before saying “away f*** yourself”.

He was arrested and taken to London Road police office where he was cautioned and charged and made no reply.

Arnot of Edinburgh appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on May 8 for sentencing after pleading guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by shouting and swearing at police officers.

Representing himself Arnot told the court that he accepted that at the time of this offence, he had been under the influence of alcohol from the night before.

Sheriff Mary Shields said that Arnot had some previous convictions but there had been a break in offending before asking him what he suggested she do to deal with the matter.

Arnot replied: “I deserve some punishment for my behaviour that was through alcohol.”

Sheriff Mary Shields imposed a fine of £220 and ruled that a football banning order was not necessary.