Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert team has issued a warning to anyone earning under £60,000 who could be missing out on valuable cash boosts.

People earning less than £60,000 are being urged to carry out a 10-minute money review as they could be missing out on extra cash.

More than a million people could be eligible for Universal Credit payments from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) without realising it.

The team at is highlighting Universal Credit eligibility after a report revealed £23 billion in means-tested benefits went unclaimed last year.

More than £8 billion of that was money that could have gone to eligible Universal Credit claimants, with an estimated 1.4 million individuals missing out.

According to figures from think-tank Policy in Practice, the average amount people are failing to claim each year is £5,772.

Qualifying for Universal Credit can also allow you to claim additional benefits such as free school meals or reduced utility bills.

The MoneySavingExpert gurus said: “Who's likely missing out? Households with lower incomes, up to roughly £35,000 a year, though if you've kids, high childcare costs and rent, it could be £60,000."

You can check if you are eligible for Universal Credit using a benefits calculator here.

If you are eligible for Universal Credit you can apply online. guidance says: “To apply online you’ll need:

  • your bank, building society or credit union account details
  • an email address
  • access to a phone

“If you do not have these, you can call the Universal Credit helpline or go to a jobcentre. You can also get support from the Citizens Advice Help to Claim service.

“You’ll also have to prove your identity. You’ll need some identity documents for this, for example your:

  • driving licence
  • passport
  • debit or credit card
  • payslip or P60

“If you live with your partner, you will both need to create accounts. You’ll link them together when you claim. You cannot claim by yourself.

“If you cannot claim online, you can claim by phone through the Universal Credit helpline.”