GLASGOW Airport has been told to act after a sign for a restaurant appeared to mix up Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

In a post on Twitter/X on Tuesday morning, Gaelic speaker and the co-owner of Gaelic projects agency Astar, Murdo MacSween pointed out that a sign for the Caledonia restaurant had got the two languages muddled.

He feels it looks as though whoever has designed the sign has simply googled Gaelic for “are you hungry,” adding that the search engine “consistently thinks Gaelic means Irish”.

Glasgow Times:

The slogan on the sign currently reads “An bhfuil ocras ort?” with MacSween explaining it should instead say “A bheil an t-acras ort?”.

“It’s just a kick in the teeth that companies do this,” MacSween said.

“They have some good intentions but the disrespect not to check or confirm the spelling/grammar is ridiculous.

“They wouldn’t do that with French or Spanish or any other language.”

In his own social media post, MacSween said: “Good morning @GLA_Airport, maybe don’t just Google your translations.

“That’s Irish not Scottish Gaelic. Show some respect. Hire someone to translate it or even just try @LearnGaelicScot maybe.”

Many others also expressed frustration with the sign with one user commenting “I hope they get that corrected ASAP”.

“It’s lazy and gives the appearance that they don’t really care,” said a second user who added that it was “easier to have got it right”.

A third meanwhile called on the airport to “sort this ignorance out”.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said: "The translation error was spotted by our retail team this morning and will be replaced by the airport partner responsible for the hoarding."