A Glasgow mum has told how her ‘liquid Brazilian butt lift’  went horribly wrong at a Glasgow hotel.

Yesterday, the Glasgow Times told how the council was investigating after the woman was hospitalised following the procedure.

The woman has now spoken out in a bid to warn others about the dangers and she has urged hotels not to allow such procedures to take place on their premises.

We have decided not to name the woman who said she is now being ignored by the company.

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The firm advertises pop-up locations on social media with celebrity endorsements and says it is a “celebrity aesthetics practitioner” with “10 years experience in the industry”.

The person who carried out the procedure has now been banned from operating in Glasgow after an Environmental Health investigation.

It is understood he has been subject to probes by authorities in other parts of the UK.

If he attempts to do any BBLs or breast augmentation he will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal and could face a fine or prison.

Glasgow Times: BBL

The woman said: “When I went to get the procedure it was in a conference room in a hotel.”

She said she had some concerns about the location but allowed herself to be convinced it would be ok.

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She said: “I felt at the time something wasn’t right. But then you see all the celebrities getting it done and think it must be ok.”

After her experience, for which she paid £2000, she now wants to warn others about this type of non-surgical BBL.

She said it was over far quicker than it should have been and was not done in a clinical setting.

The work was done on March 30 in a city centre hotel and within hours she was in pain.

The woman said: “I want to let people know about it. I still can’t walk properly.

“They are doing this in a conference room in a hotel. It wasn’t medically clean, not even a sink.

“People were in and out, they told me there were back-to-back on the Saturday and the day before.

“It was done with a cannula inserted into my backside and 500ml of filler put in each side.”

When she went home she started to get pain.

She said: “When I went home I was still numb.

“They gave me antibiotics which I’m not prescribed for.

“I couldn’t sit down, then I was really sore on Sunday, and on Monday and Tuesday, I was vomiting.

“When the painkillers wore off, I had pain all the way up my right leg.

“I went to hospital and my blood pressure and heart rate were through the roof.

“I still get sharp shooting pains in my leg.”

She said she was in hospital for five days, adding: “I had a drip in each arm and they gave me morphine for the pain.

"The right side was more infected. The doctor said it could’ve caused a heart attack.”

While still recovering in hospital she contacted the company but she said they were dismissive and said she was told she could be 'prone to infection'.

Now, she said the company is ignoring her.

The mum wants legal action against the practitioner.

She said it is good the action has been taken in Glasgow but added: "He should be banned everywhere".

She said: “They're just winging it, they need to be banned from doing this.

“I can’t move my right side and there’s a big dent, it's very lumpy and it is starting to sag but they don’t care.”

She said she has had other procedures done and has been happy with the results.

She added: “It is supposed to be injected then spread evenly with massage but they didn’t do that, just the injection.

“They did not look after me, they are trying to say this is a clinical procedure, they are deluded.”

The woman added: “I have had some surgery done before and I’ve got a good body from it.

“I ‘ve had the BBL fat transfer before and I just wanted this for a bit more curves.”

The Glasgow Times has attempted to contact the firm involved.