Angry parents will protest in Glasgow tomorrow to stop education cuts.

Crowds will gather at Langside Halls in the city to slam budget cuts which will axe 172 teaching posts this year, with the number rising to 450 over the next three years.

Glasgow City Parents Group (GCPG) is meeting at 4.30pm in the constituency of Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken, and aims to object to the plans.

The local authority is required to make £108m of savings from public services over the next three years, not including social care.

GCPG, alongside partner organisations EIS Glasgow, GMB Glasgow, and MCR Pathways, remains steadfast in its opposition to the planned reduction of teaching positions and the removal of essential support services from Glasgow schools.

We previously reported how last week defiant teachers demanded the city put “weans before money” while protesting “unthinkable cuts”.

The demonstration was held at Govan Cross to challenge Richard Bell who is the local councillor and treasurer of the local authority.

Glasgow Times: Protesters gather at Govan Cross Protesters gather at Govan Cross (Image: Colin Mearns)

Leanne McGuire, Chairperson of GCPG, emphasised the urgency of collective action, stating: "Our children's future is at stake, and we cannot afford to stay silent. By coming together, we amplify our voices and demand accountability from those in power.

"GCPG has been engaging with members of the cross-party political oversight group, and at present, it is still not entirely clear what options the group will be reviewing and how much influence they will have in the overall decision.

“As part of the work of this group, we have asked to be consulted for our views, but at the moment, we have not had any engagement with the Executive Director of Education about the education cuts.

"In recent reports, it has been stated we (GCPG) can engage with the director at GCC education committee, this is not an accurate statement.

“Yes, we have two members who attend this committee to represent parents' views. However, there is a full agenda set in advance, and when the education budget was raised previously by other councillors, they were instructed that it was not the forum for such discussion.

“We don't believe trying to raise discussion points about education cuts as part of a full agenda would create meaningful parental engagement, we would much rather this was given the time and space it deserves."

Council spokeswoman said: “No one from the GCPG has requested a meeting with the Executive Director of Education about the budget savings.

“This is despite an open line of communication the group has with the education director via email and in person at committee meetings the reps sit on.

“He is happy to meet with them.

“As stated in our response last week, the Treasurer, the City Convener for education and early years, and the City Convener for workforce have all met with the GCPG to discuss the budget savings for education.

“The treasurer has also committed to feedback information to the GCPG after each political oversight group meeting.

“Information on the February budget savings of £108million have been in public domain since then and have been reported across several platforms and channels.

“Officers will continue to support our headteachers and their schools and we will do everything we can to minimise any impact but in the current financial climate the council must look at every option.”