AN OATLANDS school is celebrating after being praised by inspectors.

The Education Scotland team was impressed by Hampden Primary’s “calming, joyful ethos” and the “highly nurturing approach” of headteacher Virginia Smith and her depute Pamela Diatta.

The report added that staff “use their professional learning effectively to improve the life and work of the school” and “work very well with partners …including enthusiastic parents and community volunteers.”

Staff also came in for praise for their “successful approaches to developing and improving children’s communication” which are “having a very positive impact on their children within and beyond school.”

Glasgow Times: Hampden Primary pupils

The report added: “Children are now able to make choices and are becoming more independent.”

The ASN (Additional Support Needs) primary was recently presented with a UNICEF Gold Rights Respecting Award. It was the first ASN school in the city, to achieve the prestigious status.

“Staff and parents have successfully placed children’s rights and children's voice at the heart of the curriculum,” said the report.

Glasgow Times: Pupils and staff at Hampden Primary

“This is leading to improvements in children’s wellbeing. The staff team promotes a calming, joyful ethos in the school which helps children interact well and engage positively across the school day.”

Headteacher Virginia Smith said: “Hard work and determination to get things right for the children at Hampden School have been recognised in this report.

“I am very proud of the children, families, staff and partners of Hampden Primary for all the contributions they have made in leading this school to such a successful outcome.

“It was great to have the work of the school validated against the national picture for ASN schools. We were also delighted to contribute a report based on our work to Education Scotland’s – Sharing Highly Effective Practice platform.”

Rhona O’Malley, principal teacher, added: “I’m so proud of our whole school and the journey we’ve been on the last six years in becoming a Gold Rights Respecting School.

“This process has shaped and changed our school for the better. 

"Staff go above and beyond to support our pupils to have a voice, from supporting them to attend city-wide pupil forums and choosing their favourite colour playground equipment, to fostering positive relationships with our pupils and their families.” 

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Samara Murray-Hamilton, class teacher, said: “How affirming to see all our hard work and camaraderie recognised.

"Everyone gives everything they can for our young people and we’re proud to be part of the happy Hampden family.”

Two areas for improvement, which were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Glasgow City Council, highlighted a need for teachers to “reduce the time between activities to maximise learning” and “increase the time they spend developing children’s numeracy concepts and skills.”

Councillor Christina Cannon, Glasgow City Council’s education convenor, said: “This is such a lovely report and I know that everyone will be delighted with the strengths highlighted.

“What shines brightly is that the staff, young people, parents and carers work together to provide a nurturing and caring ethos for each child to thrive in their learning.

“I am delighted that wellbeing is a common thread throughout and results in wider achievement across all year groups.

“Well done to the Hampden school community.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.