Dear Janice, is there life after 65? I retired after 40 long, stressful years of nursing which I loved, but it was taking its toll, therefore my retirement couldn’t come quick enough.

That was six months ago and now I feel completely lost.

My children moved away years ago, my elderly mum whom I cared for passed away last year, and I have no real friends.

The life I longed for has become a life of solitude (I’m single), and I hate it, but I don’t know what to do. June.

Dear June, quite simply, your life has lost its meaning, and you have lost your identity (for now anyway).

You raised your children and cared for your mother and gave the best part of your life to a wonderful career, all of which has come to an end, but now it’s time to discover who you are and what makes you happy.

Over the years we become institutionalised with work and family, so when it changes, it’s daunting to discover we have no real purpose.

But it can also be exciting.

You said you are comfortable financially, which opens up many more doors than others might have.

There are a million things you can do, but until you get yourself out there and bring new people into your life, you are limited.

Join as many groups as you can and whittle out the ones that don’t float your boat. Hobbies, study, volunteering and keeping fit are all there for the taking.  

Look for opportunities which will change your dismal perspective about where you find yourself at present and life will improve.

Good luck with the next chapter of your life.


Dear Janice, my boss has been incredibly supportive since I joined his company four years ago, however, I have recently been offered my dream job and I want to jump at the chance.

The thing is I feel so guilty after everything my boss has done for me, and I don’t want to let him down by leaving.

I also don’t know how to approach him with the news, so what do I say? Emma.

Dear Emma, a good boss makes time and effort to guide, nurture and reward their staff.

Your boss obviously has, which has more than likely led to you evolving and landing your dream job. So, well done to both of you.

Arrange a meeting and tell him that the support and encouragement you received from his management has given you the confidence and experience which has led to this new job offer which is a step up the career ladder, thanks to him.

I guarantee he will be delighted for you and assure you that his door is open should you ever wish to return, and in my experience, that happens more times than you would think.

But for now, seize the opportunity you have worked hard for. It’s your time to shine!