Neighbours and fences can be a tricky topic. 

From who's responsible for what side to leaning items against fences and who can do what with the fence.

Several popular misconceptions have created confusion around this area of property law for years, making it even more contentious.

Especially when it comes to moving a fence, while properties have set boundaries, the question of where fences can be placed can be a tough subject. 

Can my neighbour move my fence?

According to property experts Stokemont, they share that as long as your fence is within the correct boundary, your neighbour can not move your fence.

As they share: "Ultimately if the fence is truly yours and is instated in the correct position then they are not capable of moving the fence as this could class as trespass and/or criminal damage and they could potentially face criminal charges for doing so."

The only way a neighbour could potentially move your fence is if they have a boundary survey and find that the fence is on their land. 

If the fence is on your neighbour's land, they are "within their right to move the fence and reinstate it to the correct position."

Can my neighbour paint my fence?

Glasgow Times: A fence.A fence. (Image: getty)

Laws and fencing might not seem like the most important issue but it's something that many Brits are concerned about.

Giving light to the problem, timber, building and fencing supply company Lawnsons shares information on who is allowed to paint a fence when it comes to neighbours.

Sharing: "Only the owner of the fence may make any changes to it, even where the other side of the fence is on neighbouring property"


Does my neighbour have to fix their fence? Expert advice

That means if you have a fence in your garden, the connecting neighbour must get your permission before painting or staining their side of the fence.

Plus, the neighbour can also not use that fence to grow trailing plants or any similar "activity which may cause it damage."

Lawsons adds: "As the owner, you must keep the fence in good repair and ensure that it is safe and does not present any danger to those around it."