NatWest users were reporting issues with the online banking service today (May 28).

Users were left unable to access their bank accounts and pay money using the online service and app.

According to DownDetector, issues started at around 5.30am with users complaining about problems with accessing their bank accounts.

Problems were recorded across the UK on DownDetector including Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Is NatWest down?

Of the problems reported, 61% reported problems with mobile banking while 27% of problems reported relate to online banking.

A further 12% of problems relate to online login, at the time of writing.

On DownDetector, one user said: “Online banking and the Android App both down for me. I have gone overdrawn in the bank, and I have no idea why? No way to check it, and no way to rectify the situation. There better not be any charges coming my way.”

Some users took to X, formerly Twitter, to ask if NatWest was down.

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With an angry face emoji, one said: “@NatWest_Help What's going on your systems? Both mobile & online banking are down.”

Another said: “@NatWest_Help payday today, bills need sorting, and now I can’t access any money online or on the app. Not ideal really #natwest #down”.

A third asked: "@NatWest_Help good morning, do you know how long the app is going to be down for, i need to unfreeze my card".

NatWest reponds to users’ issues with online banking

NatWest has responded to the issues being reported this morning with a post on X, saying: “We are aware some customers are currently unable to access their app or online banking. This is being investigated with the highest priority.”

It added that users can check their website for updates on its service status.

NatWest updates users as issues are resolved

A NatWest spokesperson said: "We are aware that some customers were experiencing difficulties accessing NatWest mobile and online banking this morning.

"The issue has been resolved and customers are now able to log in as normal. We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused."