Just over a week ago, the nation watched in astonishment at the pathetic figure that Rishi Sunak cut as he stood in the pouring rain announcing a General Election on July 4 but the fervent reactions that it has sparked have been a lot livelier!

Not surprisingly, the SNP has seized the moment to rally its troops, urging Scots to back their call for independence as the solution to all our woes. But let’s be honest, a decade after the Independence referendum, it’s crucial to cut through the noise and examine what this election truly represents for Glasgow and Scotland

Glasgow, a city that has endured years of hardship under both SNP and Conservative governments, deserves more than the hollow promises and failed policies of these two parties. It’s time to voice our frustration and demand the change we so desperately need at both the UK and Scottish levels.

The SNP’s governance in Scotland has been a litany of broken promises and missed opportunities. Despite their rhetoric, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Our education system, once a beacon of excellence, is now mired in mediocrity, with attainment gaps widening rather than closing. The NHS in Scotland, touted as a point of pride by the SNP, is struggling under the weight of long waiting times and chronic underfunding. Public services are fraying at the edges, and the promise of a better future seems ever more distant.

While the SNP focuses on the politics of division under the new stewardship of John Swinney, the pressing issues that affect the daily lives of Glaswegians are being sidelined - we are currently seeing the SNP and Green administration cut 172 teaching jobs in our city.

Independence may be a worthy debate for some, but it should not come at the expense of addressing poverty, improving healthcare, and ensuring quality education. These are not secondary concerns; they are the bedrock of a functioning society.

On the other side of the border, the Conservative government has shown time and again that it is out of touch with the needs of ordinary people. Years of austerity measures have stripped away the social safety nets that many Glaswegians rely on. The Brexit debacle, mishandled with staggering incompetence, has sown division and economic uncertainty. The Conservatives’ callous disregard for the North-South divide only deepens the sense of alienation felt by many in our city.

Labour stands ready to offer a different vision, one that prioritises the real needs of Glasgow’s citizens. We believe in a society where quality healthcare is accessible to all, where our schools are well-funded and supportive, and where economic policies are designed to lift everyone up, not just the privileged few. Our commitment to social justice, economic fairness, and public service is unwavering.

This General Election is not just about choosing a government; it’s about choosing a future. Do we want to continue down the path of division, underfunding, and neglect? Or do we want a government that genuinely cares about every citizen, regardless of their background or postcode?

The SNP’s reaction to the election announcement is predictable: more of the same tired independence rhetoric, more deflection from their record of governance. It’s time for Glaswegians to see through this facade. The SNP has had ample opportunity to prove their mettle, and they have fallen short. The Conservatives have shown us what years of their rule look like, and it’s not a pretty picture.

It’s time to break free from the cycle of failed governments. Labour offers a real alternative, a chance to rebuild and renew. We owe it to ourselves, to our children, and to future generations to make the right choice. Glasgow deserves better. Scotland deserves better. The UK deserves better. Let’s seize this opportunity for change and build a brighter, fairer future for all.

Vote for change. Vote Labour.