A WOMAN locked herself in a cupboard to avoid a man who had been repeatedly turning up at her work.

Samayullah Zakari first met the woman whilst working together at the same shop in Glasgow.

The 34-year-old worked with her for around four to five years.

Their relationship was described as being friendly at first however Zakari started to become obsessive not allowing the woman to speak to other male colleagues as that would make him jealous.

Despite Zakari and the woman not being in a relationship, he would say things including “She’s mine, don’t talk to her, she’s mine” and “Why are you nice to everyone but are not nice to me”.

This made the woman uncomfortable and she stated to Zakari that she had a husband and was not interested in a relationship but he continued to refer to her as his girlfriend, wife, and love.

The woman became concerned by this behaviour and asked Zakari to stop.

He then began sending the woman text messages, declaring his love for her and persistently asking her questions.

She blocked his mobile number however Zakari then sent her text messages from a different number asking the same questions.

The woman started a new job at a fast food store and soon after Zakari began to turn up there.

Whilst at the store, Zakari did not speak to her but the woman found his presence enough to make her anxious.

She worked there for a month before leaving.

In September 2022 the woman began working at a supermarket and in February 2023 she was on shift when she saw Zakari, they spoke briefly.

Zakari started turning up to the store more regularly and on one occasion he asked the woman for help with his shopping.

She called a colleague to come and help him and at this time Zakari became angry, shouting and demanding to see a manager.

The woman believed his reaction was due to her not wanting to speak to him in person.

On May 5, 2023 police were called to the supermarket by a separate person as Zakari had entered the store and approached the woman at the self-service section.

Due to her fear, the woman left and locked herself in a cupboard.

Police spoke to the caller and one of the woman’s colleagues who said that this was a regular pattern.

After speaking to the woman and her husband, Zakari was cautioned and charged to which he made no reply. He was held in custody.

Zakari, of Govan, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on May 30 after pleading guilty to engaging in a course of conduct which caused the woman fear or alarm by attempting to prevent her from speaking to other male colleagues, referring to her as his girlfriend, his love, and his wife despite being requested to stop, repeatedly contacting her via text message and repeatedly turning up at her places of work.

The offences took place over four years between May 5, 2019 and May 5, 2023.  

Zakari’s lawyer told the court that his client suffers from anxiety and depression and is also a father to three children.

The defence solicitor also added that Zakari could not do unpaid work due to his health.

Addressing Zakari, Sheriff Patricia Pryce said: “This is an extremely serious offence. Your persistent course of conduct over a four-year period made this lady extremely scared and distressed.

“You need to work to address the reasons for this type of offending.”

Sheriff Pryce imposed a community payback order with social work supervision for 18 months and a non-harassment order.

He was tagged for 27 weeks and will have to stay in his home between 7pm-7am.